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Flipkart, Myntra & TutorVista Deploy New 'ZipDial To Verify'

First toll-free solution that fully complies with new regulatory guidelines and works across all users.

Flipkart, Myntra & TutorVista Deploy New ‘ZipDial To Verify’

First toll-free solution that fully complies with new regulatory guidelines and works across all users.

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | March 7, 2011

This week marks the introduction of ZipDial to Verify, the industry’s first SMS-free mobile number verification service, by a set of market leading ecommerce and web businesses, including:

1., one of India’s largest online retailers

2., a leading online shopping portal specializing in personalized goods

3. TutorVista, the world’s largest online tutoring company along with their group company Erudite

The new service enables all end customers of these businesses to shop and transact with verified mobile numbers, while eliminating any dependency on SMS.

Nearly all websites today require mobile numbers from customers, and in order to deliver services sites use SMS-based verification approaches. New regulatory restrictions from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on sending SMS to customers mean that the industry needs an SMS-free solution that works across customers of any operator with any mobile phone.

“When news of the TRAI guidelines broke, we quickly began working together with ZipDial to deploy the solution,” said Sachin BansalCo-founder and CEO of Flipkart.  “When ZipDial to Verify is live on the site, Flipkart will not have any interruption in our customers’ shopping experience.”

ZipDial to Verify is a patent-pending and innovative approach works on all phones and allows customers to better comply with the new TRAI guidelines on SMS delivery. ZipDial’s solution is based on dialing numbers – or giving a missed call – so there is zero dependency on SMS.  This solution has several benefits including:

1. Zero cost and simple for end users

2. Immediate verification without any SMS delivery latency issues

3. Cost savings for the web business (no cost of sending SMS)

Enabling ZipDial to Verify is as simple as embedding a single line of HTML code on one’s website.

“The service was extremely easy to integrate,” said Ramakant SharmaVP Engineering at Myntra. “We deployed ZipDial to Verify by simply following the tutorials on their website.”

How it Works – ZipDial to Verify is a simple plugin on a web page for login, transaction checkout, account registration or any other feature for which the identity of the user needs to be strongly verified.  In the flow of the page a randomly generated ZipDial Number is displayed for the end user to dial.  When the user ZipDials this number (or gives it a missed call), this is detected on the ZipDial system and the user mobile number is verified.

TutorVista has applied ZipDial to Verify in its multiple ways.  For TutorVista, the service will be used in the process for qualifying leads of customers, therefore not only authenticating users but also helping further streamline the costs of user acquisition.  Additionally Edurite, a TutorVista company, has also deployed ZipDial to Verify.

“We’re delighted to work with these leading online businesses to introduce ZipDial to Verify to the market,” said Valerie Rozycki, Founder and CEO of ZipDial.  “ZipDial to Verify offers a simple and regulator-friendly solution that can be deployed in less than 30 minutes.”

New guidelines on telemarketing from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) have ecommerce and other web-based businesses racing to find compliant solutions.  As of the end of this month, SMS-based mobile verification solutions are likely to result in failed transactions for some users.  ZipDial to Verify is a solution that covers 100% of users since they merely need to dial a number.

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