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CNBC-TV18 & CNBC AWAAZ Bullish On Budget 2011 Coverage

Launch special initiatives including pre-budget on-air programming along with 11 on-ground properties.

CNBC-TV18 & CNBC AWAAZ Bullish On Budget 2011 Coverage

Launch special initiatives including pre-budget on-air programming along with 11 on-ground properties.

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | February 8, 2011

Expectations from Union Budget 2011 are running high especially with the Indian economy witnessing a surge in different sectors. India was among the few countries in the world to implement a broad-based counter-cyclic policy package to respond to the negative fallout of the global slowdown. While rising strongly in the world economic order, India faces the most critical challenge of crossing the ‘double digit growth barrier’. At the crossroads, Indian economy will have to walk a tight rope between chasing growth and curbing inflation.  While the economy is expected to grow by 8.4 per cent, measures to control the rise in food prices and the high inflation rate, manage the fiscal deficit and focus on inclusive development would require immediate attention.

Further, sectors like infrastructure that have a multiplier effect on the economy are also under serious strain with reducing investments in research and development. Agriculture and allied sectors that play an increasingly important role in the all round development of the country are also under the scanner this fiscal. India has witnessed weaknesses in the government systems, structures and institutions at different levels of governance. Thus, this fiscal will also highlight how the UPA II government will cut through the scams and political stalemate by addressing issues related to regulation and changing business environment by introducing new or changing existing corporate governance norms.

Even though Budget 2011 may not be a panacea, it will set the outline for the economy for the near future. Considering the complex nature of opportunities and challenges facing the Indian economy this year, the CNBC Channels will approach Budget 2011 with a theme that epitomizes the expectant atmosphere prevalent today and seeks to answer the big question, “Will Budget 2011 make the impact India needs?”.

Commenting on the budget programming, Anil Uniyal, CEO, CNBC-TV18 and CNBC AWAAZ said, “CNBC-TV18 & CNBC AWAAZ have always set the tone and established new benchmarks in budget coverage over the last decade. This year as well, the channels will deliver a comprehensive mix of special programming and initiatives focusing on budget expectations, analysis and impact across communities and through multiple approaches and formats. This year’s budget is clearly critical, as the government must find the balance between the double digit growth and price stability; they also need to look at an inclusive agenda while funding infrastructure. Our shows will not only highlight the issues that are closest to the hearts of millions of Indians but also gives them an insight on issues they need to know about. With a panel of leading experts, think-tanks and India’s best editorial minds, CNBC-TV18 and CNBC Awaaz are all set to provide the most comprehensive analysis of the Union Budget 2011”.

CNBC-TV18 & CNBC AWAAZ have launched a special line-up of initiatives analyzing the challenges and opportunities facing the FM this year and also air views and expectations of stakeholders across the country. These initiatives will include editorial shows, ground events, on-air segments and vignettes and other special initiatives.


Culminating with the Budget announcement, CNBC-TV18, India’s No.1 Business medium, will present a host of special shows, led by India’s most experienced business editorial team that’ll focus on key aspects of the Govt.’s fiscal policy. Some key properties are as follows:

WHAT THE WORLD WANTS - India is increasingly seen as a star emerging market and an anchor of the future economic order. Will that view shape the global market expectations from Budget 2011? An exclusive show on what global investors are expecting and how the Budget can impact their India investing philosophy, with Udayan Mukherjee.

INDIA TONIGHT BUDGET SPECIALS – CNBC-TV18’s acclaimed primetime show, ‘India Tonight’, will execute a series of Budget Specials. The inimitable Karan Thapar will engage with India’s top policy minds on how the Government can cut through the scams and debates if Budget 2011 will impact the confidence in this Government

BUDGET REPORT CARD – How has been last year’s budget performance? A special show that looks at the policy successes and gaps that have emerged since Budget 2010. A comprehensive review of the last fiscal year with Shereen Bhan.

TAXING TIMES - A rising fiscal deficit, yet the need for growth.  A roadmap of tax reforms, yet no sign of reality.  A vibrant corporate India, yet the demand for concessions. And millions of demanding citizens. Will Budget 2011 live up to the challenge? A special series with Menaka Doshi, on the tax opportunities and challenges facing the FM.

PRICELINE - How will the FM walk the tight rope between chasing growth & ensuring stability?  Latha Venkatesh discusses the Government’s fiscal challenges with India’s leading economic minds.

THE DEVELOPMENT AGENDA - Is the Government’s social spending making the right impact?  Is it bridging gaps and providing development to the grassroots? Is delivery the real problem? And what should be priority? Sidharth Zarabi unravels the “Development Agenda” for Budget 2011

Apart from these special programmes, CNBC-TV18 will also feature power packed segments & vignettes. These will focus on an array of opinions ranging from CEOs, global players to the common man on the street. In addition to the on-air programming, CNBC-TV18 will also deliver multiple on-ground discussions that will bring together policy-makers, industry leaders, top analysts & multiple stakeholders across the nation to dwell on and discuss the expectations from Budget 2011.


Through a series of thought provoking ground events, CNBC-TV18 has geared up to voice the concerns and views of every major constituency. From policy makers to industry leaders, from young entrepreneurs to the common man. These properties include the recently held mega budget opener, the MACRO BACKDROP, which involved India’s biggest thought leaders including Montek Singh Ahluwalia. This is followed by an exclusive forum, YOUNG INDIA, a unique platform where corporate India’s young stalwarts discuss with policy minds what the youth expect from Budget 2011. Subsequently, CNBC-TV18 will present ground events showcasing national and market expectations through properties such as WHAT INDIA WANTS & WHAT MARKETS WANT and eventually culminate with the definitive analysis of the impact of Budget 2011 in the VERDICT.


In the countdown of Budget 2011, India’s No.1 Hindi business news channel and the voice of the Indian consumer, CNBC AWAAZ will present an all encompassing line up of shows and ground properties.

BUDGET EXPECTATIONS: Special series focused on gauging expectations of different communities from the budget including markets participants, tax payers, SME’s, etc.

ECONOMIC SURVEY SPECIAL: A comprehensive overview of the economy and provide an in-depth analysis of economic survey conducted by the government

RAILWAY BUDGET: CNBC AWAAZ will understand the country’s expectations from the Railway budget and provide an in-depth analysis of it for the common man

Apart from these special programmes, CNBC AWAAZ will also feature power packed segments & vignettes including ‘BUDGET UMEED’ and ‘IF I WERE FM’.


CNBC AWAAZ will travel through the length and breadth of the country, to the heart of middle India, as it seeks to unravel the expectations of the Indian consumer and retail investor and guide them through Budget 2011. Through BUDGET CARAVAN, the channel will explore major Indian cities, mirror the mood of the masses and through a panel of experts advise on tax & investment planning strategies ahead of the Budget. In BUDGET JANTA CHOUPAL, the channel will provide a platform for Indian citizens to voice their opinion regarding Budget 2011 and through BUDGET YATRA, CNBC AWAAZ’s Editor-In-Chief Sanjay Pugalia will take stock of the country’s infrastructure and inflation scenario. With BUDGET-SUPER MARKET SHOW, the channel will ensure Indian consumers have an opportunity to receive advice from the country’s foremost tax & investment planning experts on how to navigate the impact of Budget 2011. Apart from this, the channel will present BUDGET AUR TAX, where tax guru Subhash Lakhotia will help Indian investors manage the tax impact from Budget 2011. “HAR GHAR KA BUDGET”, an acclaimed CNBC AWAAZ property, will travel across the country to gauge the expectations of India’s middle class families pre budget and then analyse the impact on them post Budget 2011. The channel will also deliver BUDGET AND SME’s, a special series that will gauge the budget expectations of SMEs pre budget & post budget, will bring out how the fiscal announcements affect India’s large SME landscape.


Leading up to Budget day, CNBC-TV18 & CNBC AWAAZ will present the ECONOMIC SURVEY SPECIAL, a show on the Annual Economic Survey released by the Government, which is a comprehensive overview of the Indian economy. With a mixture of in-depth analysis and expert bytes, this will be the perfect backdrop for Budget 2011. Following that, CNBC-TV18 & CNBC Awaaz will present RAILWAY BUDGET SPECIALS to analyse its impact with regards to tariffs, freight policy, cross subsidization and new route announcements.

As in earlier years, on Budget day, CNBC-TV18 & CNBC AWAAZ will present exclusive and comprehensive LIVE budget coverage through the day and from multiple locations, showcasing reactions from the leading names in India Inc. and policy making, the nation’s biggest market experts and fund managers, tax specialists and views of India’s flagship industry bodies such as the CII, FICCI & ASSOCHAM. With an in house panel of experts, CNBC-TV18 & CNBC AWAAZ will present incisive, immediate analysis and impact of budgetary announcements as the FM SPEECH is delivered, through power-packed interviews & graphics, religiously followed by millions of investors. This will be followed by an exclusive FM INTERVIEW with Pranab Mukherjee and a line up of special BUDGET BULLETINS through the day. CNBC-TV18 will present a budget special of its award winning primetime show, ‘INDIA BUSINESS HOUR – BUDGET SPECIAL’, which will round up the day’s coverage and provide a comprehensive review of the national reaction to Budget 2011.


BUDGET 2011 from CNBC-TV18 & CNBC Awaaz will also extend across new platforms including the mobile and retail. The CNBC Channels will be delivering a host of power packed content on the mobile through the 51818 platform. From BUDGET NEWS ALERTS (SMS ALERT TO 51818) to PROGRAMMING UPDATES (SMS BUD to 51818), from MARKET REACTIONS to LIVE TV (SMS MOM to 51818), the channels will provide the best of budget coverage through the month and on budget day, to investors and consumers, on the move.

On retail shelves, the CNBC Channels will present BUDGET MADE EASY SERIES, an exclusive DVD product to be available across India’s leading bookstores that will aim at simplifying budget fundamentals, de-jargonizing everything from deficits to disinflation for investors and consumers. Apart from this, BUDGET 2011 RECKONER will provide comprehensive review of Budget 2011.


Led by moneycontrol.com, India’s No.1 online financial destination, Web 18 financial sites will present 21 days of comprehensive and dedicated content on Budget 2011. Christened the ‘Penta Budget’, for the first time ever, budget coverage will span across 5 different Web18 platforms viz, moneycontrol.com, MYTV (Live TV), PowerYourTrade.com, M3 (the moneycontrol.com message board) and the mobile platform. Equipped with acclaimed features such as tax calculators, sectoral analysis of industries, investment advice from the experts, key economic statistics and much more – Budget 2011 will be delivered through a powerpacked offering on Moneycontrol.com and affiliate sites, across the online and mobile space.



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