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Animal Planet Hunting Viewers With New Strategy

The channel refreshes its prime time with thematic time bands.

Rajat Arora | Delhi | February 24, 2011

Animal Planet has brought new offerings for animal lovers. The channel presenting the world of animals through entertaining and innovative program formats has come up with unique time-bands to enable the channel to communicate the diversity of its content to viewers.

Every day, from 7 pm to 12 midnight, Animal Planet is bringing distinct hourly themes for wholesome family entertainment. The themes and programmes for each hour have been created basis nationwide viewers’ research. The unique time-bands help communicate the diversity of channel’s content to viewers, both existing and potential.

Extending its time-band strategy and prime time offering, Animal Planet announced a new time band Line of Control (LOC) which will air every night at 11 pm. The time-band offers unseen human-animal interactions which could be predatory or paranormal. Some of the series to air during LOC at 11 pm are: MONSTERS INSIDE ME, THE HAUNTED, and I’M ALIVE. Explaining further, Rahul Johri, SVP & General Manager, India, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific said, “The strategy to introduce themed time-bands has allowed the viewers to navigate the channel better. It has created distinction between different kinds of wildlife shows and highlights their unique appeal and entertainment value. This strategy has led to strong growth in ratings in both analogue and digital platforms. Masters of the Jungle explains the most complex animal behaviours and dispels myths about the most feared animals. It is truly a channel differentiator.”

The five one-hour long time-bands are:

AP Safari at 7 pm A celebration of nature, viewers get to see some of the classic wildlife programmes detailing the entire lifecycle of plant and animal lives. From the great Savannah to the picturesque landscapes of the Himalayas, these programmes would leave viewers awe-struck.  Some of the programmes to air under the band are: SECRETS OF THE SERPENTS, FASCINATING WORLD OF ANIMALS, and KINGDOM OF THE ELEPHANTS. The Hunt at 8pm This one-hour time band brings along nature’s predators in their raw and merciless form every night. Viewers get to meet top filmmakers encounter the unexpected and unearth some of the astonishing wildlife stories through series like MAN EATERS, BIG CAT DIARY, BIG BITES, and ANIMAL BATTLEGROUNDS. Capturing breathtaking wild hunts, brutal battles and most intense moments of the animal behaviour, The Hunt allows viewers to have a heart-pounding experience. Masters of the Jungle, 9 pm Meet the most celebrated wildlife experts from around the world who have dedicated their lives to animals on Masters of the Jungle every night at 9 PM on Animal Planet.  These distinguished hosts travel around the world to investigate animal issues, explore wild habitats and understand animal behaviours.  From catching pythons, coming face to face with tigers and encountering sharks, these brave hearts risk their lives for conserving and protecting their beloved animals. From David Attenborough to Steve Irwin, Nigel Marven to Jeremy Wade, their styles may differ but they all endeavour to explain some of the most complex animal behaviour and dispel the myths about some of the most feared animals.  Some of the series to air during this time band are: RIVER MONSTERS, STEVE’S DEADLY 60, WILD EVENTS and JAGUAR ADVENTURE. Planet Hour at 10 PM Be awed by Mother Nature captured on camera in Animal Planet’s every night at 10 pm on Planet Hour.  Taking viewers on a breathtaking journey to the world's most diverse landscapes, Planet Hour includes series like WILDEST AFRICA, SOUTH PACIFIC, and NATURAL WORLD. Line of Control (LOC) at 11 PM Consisting of some of the most dangerous and up close encounters, this line-up is for the adrenaline junkies. Viewers will witness the meeting point of the predator and its prey, shot around the world. Line of Control (LOC) promises the viewers the edgy wild. Some of the series to air during LOC at 11 pm are: MONSTERS INSIDE ME, THE HAUNTED, and I’M ALIVE.


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