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ForbesLife India Launched By Network18

One of the finest lifestyle magazines hit news stands on 29th January; ForbesLife India is priced at Rs.200.

Rajat Arora | Delhi | January 31, 2011

Christopher Forbes, Vice Chairman, Forbes Inc. LLC and Raghav Bahl, Founder and Editor, Network18 launched the Indian edition of ForbesLife at an exclusive event in Mumbai.

The first edition of the magazine hit the news stands on Saturday, 29th January, 2011. Priced at Rs.200, ForbesLife India is all set to revolutionize the lifestyle magazine segment in India with its finest quality of content, print and paper. The inaugural issue has 226 pages.

ForbesLife India aims to cater a very niche audience in India and has limited marketing and promotional plans targeted to the niche segment.

ForbesLife India is the second title unveiled by Network18 and Forbes, after the highly successful launch of Forbes India in 2009. The new publication does not conform to the stereotype of what a lifestyle magazine should be, starting with its shape and form: it is a lavishly-produced book, filled with the finest narratives and experiences, covering the worlds of culture, health, travel, science, living and more.

Speaking at the launch, Christopher Forbes, Vice Chairman, Forbes Inc. LLC said, “ForbesLife India is not your typical glossy magazine, there are so many of those in the market. ForbesLife India has totally leap-frogged the whole field and created something that challenges one intellectually and excites one about the world of opportunities to really lead a rich life and a good life.”

Editor Charles Assisi leads the team that has put together a first issue with a stellar ensemble of handpicked contributors — writers, artists, photographers, domain experts — from various parts of the world. Broadly, ForbesLife India is divided into four interlinked themes: Think, Live, Work and Play. Its aim is to curate, for the busy but discerning reader, the best that life has to offer. The inaugural issue features a fascinating cover story, ‘The First Immortals: how we could live forever,’ which presents a compelling argument for the possibility of extending ones lifespan indefinitely, with a cocktail of lifestyle decisions, dietary supplements, medication and exercise.

ForbesLife India, in the words of its Editor Charles Assisi, is different. As we did with Forbes India, we did not benchmark ourselves by any of the existing players in the market, choosing instead to create, for better or for worse, a niche all our own.

Charles goes on saying, “The physical form, in terms of heft, size and quality of paper used in this production, is distinct from anything else you may have experienced until now. We believe this is the first in a series of reasons why you may want to preserve this lavishly produced book, as opposed to read-and-discard magazines. It is also the reason why we chose to bring in a design firm that, until this experiment, had no experience with magazine design. The outcome, I think, is avant-garde.”

The launch event served as a perfect prelude for the unveiling of a publication that helps curate the very best life has to offer. The ceremony featured an art show titled ‘Transcendental Alchemy’ hosting select works of masters from various phases of Post Independent India such as M. F Hussain, Tyeb Mehta, Akbar Padamsee and S. H Raza. The showcase, an absolute visual treat, was curated by Farah Siddique. It aimed at bringing forth the rich multitude of art practices, movements and styles India experienced in the last six decades.

The audience was also treated to an enthralling dance performance by globally renowned trio ‘Twilight Players’. This was followed by a gourmet dinner designed by legendary Chef Hemant Oberoi. Chef Oberoi has created a signature culinary experience that consists of Dégustation menus with the finest collection of single malts, liqueurs and wines and signature desserts.

ForbesLife India inspires executives and entrepreneurs- with the most access and the least time- to maximize the rewards of their success by filtering out the noise of conspicuous consumption. Each quarterly issue is driven by a dedicated team of renowned voices who curate the best ideas and experiences from the world of fine living to create a product of truly timeless quality.

Take a look at the cover of the inaugural issue:

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