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Aidem Ventures & eBus Media Networks Announce JV

To offer solutions for digital distribution and management of TVCs to advertisers, agencies, media owners, content producers and broadcasters.

Aidem Ventures & eBus Media Networks Announce JV

To offer solutions for digital distribution and management of TVCs to advertisers, agencies, media owners, content producers and broadcasters.

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | January 10, 2011

eBus Media Network Pte Ltd (Singapore) and Aidem Ventures Pvt Ltd. (India) has announced the creation of a joint venture in India to offer a complete solution for digital distribution and management of Television Commercials (TVCs) to advertisers, agencies, media owners, content producers and broadcasters.

With over 500 channels in the country and still lots more to launch, advertisers/agencies have to send multiple tapes containing different versions of advertisements to multiple broadcasters across the country.  This has several risks, including the chance of tapes getting lost in courier, delays in catching up with material deadlines, multiple copying resulting in generation loss and lack of security as many unauthorised people have access to the tapes.

The new joint venture eBus-Aidem provides a digital delivery solution where the advertiser has to just send TVCs once and it is digitally delivered to the list of broadcasters as specified by the client/agency within 6 hours. Advertisers/ Agencies can easily track the commercial going to broadcasters on-line and also have easy access to commercials in different formats for their presentation on mobile, internet etc.

For the broadcasters this will mean faster arrival of TVC’s in digital quality, complete library management, no more handling of physical tapes or ingesting, thereby saving physical space, time, effort & money. eBus-Aidem also provides broadcasters a complete secure electronic approval process which integrates with traffic, S&P, Ad Sales and final play out.  Further, the eBus system automatically codes the TVCs and notifies various people in the organisation who have to work on it, improving corporate governance. Clients and agencies also have easy access to earlier TVCs without having to store, maintain and retrieve tapes.

This game changing & environment friendly technology is expected to not only enhance the efficiency & productivity in a complex and competitive media market like India, but will also empower advertisers/agencies to conquer and leverage the daunting logistics of addressing consumers across multiple languages through the local market channels without bothering about the delivery process.

Kaushal Dalal, Director of Aidem said “We believe that the future is going to be tapeless and digital delivery of TVCs will be the norm.  To this end, the solution that eBUS has to offer is truly excellent. The coming together of eBus and Aidem will not only add to the range of media related services that Aidem provides but will also help bring in the future much faster.”

Carmine Masiello, CEO of eBUS Singapore said “with the expansion and modernization of the television industry, including digital and HD, we provide advertisers a much faster and convenient mode for delivering TVCs. Given the complexity of the Indian markets we trust that partnering with Aidem will not only add the local expertise we need to promote our products and services but also go a long way in establishing eBus as the standard mode for delivering TVCs in this market space.”

This business is headed by Ajay Verma as the Chief Executive for the new vertical. A  thourough business professional, he has over 17 years of advertising & marketing experience, having worked with organisations like O&M, Draft-FCB, Redifussion, Y&R, Contract & Percept Hakuhodu and has been part of eBus startup operations in India.

Says Raj Nayak, Managing Director, Aidem Ventures "We believe this technology will be a game changer and goes with the company’s vision to diversify into areas that is in synergy with our core business. Leading Broadcasters have already started using the eBus technology and more are signing shortly. Many leading advertisers also have already signed up and are currently using and having the benefits of the eBus solution.

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