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NewsX Lines-up Year End Programming

Brings various specials including Rewind 2010, Newsmakers 2010, Best Programming 2010 and Agenda 2011.

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | December 23, 2010

This Year end, NewsX brings you ‘Reflections 2010’, an year ending bonanza, with a myriad set of programmes for its viewers.

Rewind 2010, comes in half hour slots which deals with all the recap of the mega events, in our country and the World, the key events, said once more for the ephemeral human memory. The Rewind 2010 will take you back to one of the worst plitical scam filled year, in the history of independent India.

Newsmakers 2010, takes you to a whirlwind ride of the newsmakers who shaped our country in the year 2010. Also, in ‘Best Programming 2010’, NewsX gets you to watch its special series of best programmes featured last year.

Looking forward to the year 2011, NewsX brings ‘Agenda 2011’,  a series of shows that sets up the tone of how discerning and aspirational Indians would like to see the coming future. Also it sheds light on various aspects of importance, like whether new standards have been set to fight corruption in India, the win of regionalism over nationalism, the USA and India...

The Army’s growing downfall as an institution of honour is also addressed here in this special show, just as the debate on whether China is really our enemy or not. And finally, no Indian discussion can ignore Bollywood, so there’s a special segment for the entertainment freaks as well!

NewsX 11 talks about 11 people to watch out for in 2011, from Sports, Politics, Entertainment, Business, and International.

Finally, NewsX takes you on a tour of your worst fear, and anxiety in 2011, and your biggest hopes and aspiration from the coming year. All this and more in the  voice-pop series of NewsX.

The year 2010 for India was one of the momentous in recent decade, with Heads of State of Major big league countries, like USA, Russia, France coming to visit, the Consolidation of our rising influence, the acknowledgement of the Global prestige that our country commands at present.  It also saw the greatest ever year in Sporting history, with the successful completion of the Commonwealth Games, despite all the efforts by the politicians and scamsters to sabotage it, and it saw the largest ever medal in the history of independent India. NewsX tries to bring you the choicest of these moments back in your memory, the good ones, the ones you would like to forget, and the ones you would like to remember, so that it forms your definitive opinion of what and how to take resolute actions in the future, to prevent, if not stop the incidents.

IMN News is the new brand identity that the premier English news channel NewsX will soon assume. The new look of the channel will be unveiled soon, and be accompanied with a similarly redesigned website, IPTV service and mobile TV.


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