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Movies Now Launched In HD; Available On Analog, Digital Cable & DTH Platforms

For the first time in India, viewers experiencing the best of audio-video standards.

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | December 19, 2010

Times Television Network has launched its latest offering, MOVIES NOW in HD today giving the viewers an opportunity to experience the best of audio-video standards for the first time in India!

Speaking on the launch of the channel Sunil Lulla, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Times Television Network, said “TIMES TELEVISION NETWORK is proud to announce the launch of another contemporary brand – MOVIES NOW. It complements the urban focus of the network, where it has met with great success via TIMES NOW, ET NOW and zoOm. MOVIES NOW challenges the status quo of the category to ensure the audience the best of entertainment. MOVIES NOW with its first of a kind; state-of-the-art HD Broadcast facility will furnish upscale Indian audiences with clearer, crisper picture quality, superlative sound quality and a wider viewing experience.”

Further commenting Ajay Trigunayat, Channel Head, MOVIES NOW said, “We have aligned the channel to be in sync with viewer preferences to consume Hollywood movies on Indian Television. We strongly recognize that Television movie consumption is significantly different from Theatrical movie consumption! Thereby, with exhaustive quantitative & qualitative research & analysis, we have put together a very well thought through Movies Library & FPC to resonate Indian viewer preferences who love to watch many Popular Hollywood Blockbuster titles again & again & again, to name a few - Rocky 1-6, Pink Panther 1&2, I Robot, Night at the Museum, Never Back Down, True Lies, Titanic, 36th Chamber of the Shaolin etc.. The piece-de-resistance to the Indian viewer - they will now get to watch their most preferred movies in incredible High Definition (HD) with Stunning Pictures in 1080i & Awesome 5.1 Surround Sound!”

With a focused objective to enthrall the Indian viewers through the best of Hollywood Blockbusters coupled with phenomenal picture and sound quality, MOVIES NOW will enhance the viewing experience with a wide aspect ratio of 16:9, which is naturally suited to the human eye.

MOVIES NOW will be available across analog, digital cable and DTH platforms throughout the pop strata of 1mn+ towns in India. One can now have a theatre like movie watching experience in the comfort of their home!

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Comments (47)
  • PB- 9 years ago

    Not sure about other DTH platforms, but Movies Now is not yet available on TataSKY HD

  • skumar- 9 years ago

    Is it a paid service?

  • skumar- 9 years ago

    Does it require HD set top box?

  • sam- 9 years ago

    create more adds about your channel like HBO/star-movies so that cable opp-raters would be forced to give the channel to the public viewers.

  • Venkatesh- 9 years ago

    Its not available on Airtel digital Tv as well...

  • mangai- 9 years ago

    ya it goes free with the cable operaters and is available from 19th. actually the clarity is good but they are giving subtitles in a weak small fonts whereas sony is doing a good job by giving in a big legible bold fonts that are always visible and the time duration of display has to be improved. they can even use the scrolling system of display which will be easy to read and this scroolling system can also be extended to be available by all the news channels where we slow readers find it dificult to read and even it sometimes the present case irritates our eyes will the chanels hear my views?

  • Bindu- 9 years ago

    Movies Now is a great channel. But, does anyone know the website or where I could get a Time Table of the movies from???

  • Karthik- 9 years ago


  • raghul- 9 years ago

    hi....movies now was a really a very grt release of times television.......n they r telecastin fantastic movies.thanks alot fr the movies.. my big request is pls dont make tat channel, a pay channel....thanks...

  • natarajan- 9 years ago

    times in india has introduced movies now. that's fine . but i can't find single review or the introductions about it any where in the net. for istance how to subscribe , how to get how to see etc. tatasky, which i use has nothing to say about it

  • raj.bharti- 9 years ago

    it is stupid to explain so much about your new movie channel when you can not tell people as to how they can get it.You people are real stupid.

  • Pardeep- 9 years ago

    It is available with videocon d2h or not and if available is it free or paid

  • Pardeep- 9 years ago

    whether it is available with videocon d2h or not,if yes it is free to air or paid

  • reddy- 9 years ago

    is this channel available in BIG tv?

  • rsennat- 9 years ago

    This channel is free to air and available in chennai with out any set-top box or dth. The AV quality is awesome. I watched Transporter in 5.1 surround sound exp. Hope they air it freely.

  • vignesh- 9 years ago

    awsome channel even we cant get channel like these in dth plz dont make it as pay channel.

  • khaja shari- 9 years ago

    yaar .. its superb .kindly maintain the same . ...workout hard we can beat all of them .like a puff of air

  • Pardeep- 9 years ago

    when it will be available on videocon d2h and whether it is free to air or paid channel?

  • Soumen Gang- 9 years ago

    Your channel is great per excellence. Keep it up. Don't make it a pay channel at least for some time.

  • Mohit Anand- 9 years ago

    What's the point of launching a HD channel when you can't even ensure that the channel is beamed across HD providers like Tata Sky?

  • ratan- 9 years ago

    on which dth is movies now available

  • dinesh chat- 9 years ago

    where can i watch this channel my TATASKY HD is not showing the channel.

  • sher singh- 9 years ago

    Its bullshit... A big companey like times television network has launched Big hyped HD movi channel but have no information on which DTH service it is available and at what number. Its mentioned to sms at 58888. Its been a week i have sent sms..but nobody has contacted to give more info on how to susbscribe for this channel. Similarly i can publish an add that i have made biggest aircraft which flies without fuel. But i dont leave any proof of what and whereabout. Crap !!

  • PB- 9 years ago

    Movies Now launched in Sun HD. So all subscribers of Sun HD can enjoy HD movies during Christmas. Hopefully the other DTH providers would add the channel before New Year.

  • ank- 9 years ago

    when this channel come on videocon d2h

  • krishnan- 9 years ago

    Will MOVIES NOW available in TATA SKY

  • Movies now - 9 years ago


  • Dr Shriniva- 9 years ago

    Can You tell me from when Movies Now shall be available on TATA sky.

  • Kanickaraj- 9 years ago

    is any one when Movies Now will be available on TataSKY HD

  • Nishith- 9 years ago

    Does Tata Sky DTH has MoviesNow ?

  • Rajeev- 9 years ago

    Can You tell me from when "Movies Now" shall be available on TATA sky.

  • Pardeep- 9 years ago

    Movies this channel is showing has already been seen on the channels like Star movies, HBO etc. If Movies Now want to get ahead of other hollywood channels it should add the classics of Al Pacino,Robert De niro, Paul Newman,Steve Mcqueen,Jack Nicholsan,Clint eastwood,martin scorcese to it's list.

  • Vijay Devar- 9 years ago

    I sent SMS and Mail as per advertisements and yet to get details and reply for the same . its been almost a week no responce. May be they are waiting for HD monitor to read my mail and SMS. SO i went ahead for other option for HD channel.

  • Vijay Devar- 9 years ago

    No response for SMS and mail sent as per ADVertisements.

  • Cool vooky- 9 years ago

    I have SUN Direct DTH Connection and when I checked with the Cust care - They have no idea abt this channel )even after 10 days of the channel release) and they dnt have it even in any package. This channel is free to air and available in Chennai with out any set-top box or DTH. :(

  • Ghost- 9 years ago

    I have seen it - it is awesome- what picture quality, superb sound, excellent movies! Where, you ask? on the web, at their site - moviesnow.co.in!!! Haha!

  • Akhil Sajee- 9 years ago

    i got this channel in my local kerala vision digital set top box but it is not in hd and i can't experience its sound effects

  • Jaswinder S- 9 years ago

    i have Videocon DTH service but it cant provide this channel pls provide this channal in Videocon DTH

  • Kashyap- 9 years ago

    Movies Now is available on my SunHD set-top box. Its quality is excellent!! Awaiting its availability on other DTH platforms.

  • DIPAK- 9 years ago


  • DIPAK- 9 years ago


  • Dinesh Dala- 9 years ago

    where one can see weekly schedule?

  • Gopu- 9 years ago

    Is MOVIES NOW Available in GALAXZEE Settop Box as it is SITI Channel

  • Ashish- 9 years ago

    When are we going to see your HD movies on Tata Sky? You must push those fellows out of their abject lethargy.

  • sumit- 9 years ago

    will it be available on videocon d2h. please make it available soon on videocon d2h... plz.

  • Pradeep P- 9 years ago

    whether it is available with Tata Sky d2h or not,if yes then when?

  • B.MUNIRATHI- 7 years ago

    Movies now is fantastic movie channel,its really a good entertainment.