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IRS Q3 2010: Top 10 Dailies In Haryana

All top dailies added more readers in the current survey; Dainik Bhaskar leads the league.

Rajat Arora | Delhi | December 9, 2010

The Hindi belt and neighborhood state of national capital has given the top publications more reasons to cheer in the third quarter survey of IRS 2010. Except Amar Ujala, all the top publications have seen growth in Haryana.

Dainik Bhaskar continues to be Haryana’s No.1 daily with a slight growth in IRS Q3 2010. After adding 42,000 readers, its current AIR stands at 14.46 lakh as compared to 14.04 lakh in the last survey. The daily had also seen growth in previous two quarters and added 14,000 readers in Q2 while 75,000 readers in Q1.

The state has been a fertile ground for Punjab Kesri too where the newspaper is growing continuously. In IRS Q3 2010, it has recorded an AIR of 10.13 lakh as compared to 9.58 lakh in Q2, 8.86 lakh in Q1 and 8.28 lakh in IRS R2 2009.

The third major player in the state has been Dainik Jagran which has registered a marginal growth in Q3 after losing some readers in Q2. Its current AIR stands at 9.27 lakh as compared to 9.22 lakh in Q2, 9.37 lakh in Q1 and 9.09 lakh in IRS R2 2009.

Hari Bhoomi at No.4 position is far away from the top 3 dailies in the state. The newspaper has registered a sharp growth in this quarter by 11%. It has recorded an AIR of 2.78 lakh in IRS Q3 2010 as compared to 2.51 lakh in Q2, 2.72 lakh in Q1 and 2.34 lakh in IRS R2 2009.

The only daily in loss this quarter is Amar Ujala which has seen a marginal decline by 3%. By losing 6,000 readers, it has recorded an AIR of 2.26 lakh as compared to 2.32 lakh in Q2, 2.54 lakh in Q1 and 2.33 lakh in IRS R2 2009.

Nation’s No.1 English daily The Times of India holds the 6th spot in Haryana. Registering a sharp growth by 12% in this quarter, TOI has recorded an AIR of 2.09 lakh in IRS Q3 2010 as compared to 1.86 lakh in previous quarter, 1.61 lakh in Q1 and 1.67 lakh in IRS R2 2010.

Following TOI closely, Hindustan Times at No.7 has also seen a considerable growth by 14% in the third quarter of IRS 2010. HT has recorded an AIR of 1.93 lakh in Q3 as compared to 1.70 lakh in Q2, 1.42 lakh in Q1 and 1.34 lakh in IRS R2, 2010.

Another English daily of the state is The Tribune which has seen maximum growth of 32% among all top dailies. Its current AIR now stands at 1.36 lakh as compared to 1.03 lakh in previous quarter.

Dianik Tribune has also put up a good show in this quarter. Growing by 29%, its AIR now stands at 1.29 lakh as compared to 1 lakh in the last survey.

The 10th spot is held by Hindi daily Hindustan which has recorded an AIR of 80,000 in IRS Q3 2010 as compared to 68,000 in previous quarter.

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