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IRS Q3 2010: Top 10 Dailies In Andhra Pradesh

Sakshi maintains its rapid growth rate in the state to consolidate its No.2 position.

Rajat Arora | Delhi | December 6, 2010

Like other parts of India, there is not much surprise for Andhra Pradesh in IRS Q3 2010. Except of ‘Eenadu’ and rapidly growing ‘Sakshi’ almost all major dailies in top 10 list have experienced decline.

No. 1 Telugu daily ‘Eenadu’ has registered marginal growth of 0.1% over the last survey. The daily has added just 4,000 readers to take its AIR at 60.91 lakh in IRS Q3 2010 as compared to 60.87 lakh in the last survey. The newspaper had added 2.26 lakh readers in IRS Q2 2010.

Telugu Daily ‘Sakshi’ has strengthened its position at No.2 with 3.8% growth by adding 1,78,000 readers in the current survey. It has recorded an AIR of 48.16 lakh as compared to 46.38 lakh in last survy findings. Sakshi has added 74,000 readers in 2nd quarter of IRS 2010 also.

The 3rd major player in Andhara Pradesh, ‘Andhra Jyothi’ has seen decline in the second consecutive quarter. The paper has lost 1.17 lakh readers in the third quarter of IRS 2010. Its current AIR stands at 22.51 lakh as compared to 23.68 lakh in IRS Q2 2010. Andhra Jyoti had lost 38,000 readers in last survey also.

The new No.4 daily of the state is ‘Deccan Chronicle’ despite of some decline in this quarter. ‘Deccan Chronicle’ has lost 33,000 readers in IRS Q3 2010 and its AIR now stands at 7.53 lakh as compared to previous quarter. DC had added 33,000 readers in the last quarter.

‘Vartha’ has been losing its ground dramatically in the state from past 3 quarters. Within a year, the paper has lost 55.5% of its readers to come down to the 5th position in Andhra Pradesh. By losing 2.57 lakh readers in Q3, its current AIR stands at 6.37 lakh as compared to 8.94 lakh in Q2, 12.41 lakh in Q1 and 14.30 lakh in IRS R2 2009.

‘The Hindu’ has registered 4.9% decline in this quarter and now sharing 6th spot with ‘Andhra Bhoomi’ with AIR of 3.09 lakh in IRS Q3 2010. The Hindu had 3.25 lakh AIR in previous quarter while Andhra Bhoomi has grown by 26.6% over its 2.44 lakh AIR in IRS Q2 2010.

Unlike other states ‘The Times of India’ has registered 3.6% decline in Andhra Pradesh according to the average readership data released for third quarter of IRS 2010. Remaining at No.8 position, it has recorded an AIR of 1.33 lakh as compared to 1.38 lakh in IRS Q2 2010.

By gaining 13.8% readers again in Q3, ‘Andhra Prabha’ has strengthened its position at No.9 to take its AIR at 1.32 lakh. It had added 14,000 readers in Q2 also.

At No.10 position in the state is ‘Siasat’ with 80,000 readers, which has lost 10.1% readers in the current survey findings.

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