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New Campaign For Killer Jeans Asks Youth Whats Your Cut?

Three ad campaigns covering print and OOH have been conceptualized by Grey Mumbai.

Hitesh Ranot | Delhi | November 25, 2010

Killer Jeans are set to be a cut above the rest with their new campaign by Grey Mumbai. Killer Jeans exhorts the youth to express themselves and find their own take/cut. The campaign reaches out to the youth by reflecting their own image of themselves and their attitude.

Sandeep Verma, Vice President Marketing, Kewal Kiran Clothing Ltd., says, “The advertising for our brand has always been as international, slick and as youthful as our fashion style. In our new campaign, ‘What’s your Cut?’, we have gone a step ahead in keeping with the bold attitude of the youth and come up with communication which is even more engaging and involving for today’s generation.”

Today’s youth is individualistic, radical and adventurous, living life with a ‘nothing is impossible’ attitude. The campaign reflects the evolved mindset of this generation, their changing opinions and states it with a devil-may-care attitude. It covers issues like live-in relationships, unusual career choices and environmental consciousness.

The new 3 ad campaign has a grungy and stylised treatment with lines that unabashedly declare one’s unique opinion. The campaign is spread across print ads, hoardings, bus wraps and panels.

Speaking on the new campaign, ECD of Grey Mumbai and the copywriter on the campaign, Rohit Malkani said “There are so many young people today who seem destined to sail through life without an opinion on anything. They are content to just go with the rest of the herd. Yet this is also a restless generation who live in a brave and tough world. It isn’t easy forming an original opinion. Killer is a brand that has always encouraged originality and stood for unique styling. The attempt of the campaign is to encourage and exhort young people to stand up and have their own opinion, no matter how warped.”

Says ECD of Grey Advertising and Art Director, Karan Rawat, “I have handled this brand for 10 years now and in the course of time, I’ve seen the changing nature of fashion. From being a quick-fix solution, to looking good, to making it your attitude statement, fashion today has come a long way. About 5 years ago when the fashion industry spoke of a new cut or a wash, it quickly became a trend. People took notice immediately because it was fresh back then. But today every specific trend isn’t specific anymore. Styles are obscure because everyone offers the same bouquet. Every denim brand is showcasing their entire range as opposed to a particular ‘pick of the season’. So, to make a larger than life statement for killer, we provoke our target to seek ‘their cut’. We urge them to go with ‘their interpretation’. We appeal to them with ‘their attitude’ and not ours. In short, the latest Killer campaign is a brand campaign that is about ‘their take’ on various topics.”



National Creative Heads: Amit Akali and Malvika Mehra

Executive Creative Directors: Karan Rawat and Rohit Malkani

Art Directors: Karan Rawat and Suhas Panchal

Copywriter: Rohit Malkani

Illustrator: Sanjay Shetye and Vinay Patil

Photographer: Prasad Naik


Vice President and Mumbai branch head: Hari Krishnan

Client services director: Aparna. K.

Account Supervisor: Kamia Wahi

Production house: Fusion Films

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