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CEAT Launches Bike Tyres Campaign

Besides ATL advertising, the company is exploring some innovative options and for this the company has huge plans.

Hitesh Ranot | Delhi | November 30, 2010

CEAT Ltd, India’s leading tyre manufacturer launched a campaign for Bike Tyres. The brand has added new products in Bike Tyres category and is promoting core benefit of superior grip for this range of tyres which gives better stopping power for the rider.

The creative idea behind the advertising campaign is that our roads are filled with Idiots who do not follow road discipline and prove fatal for everyone else. Since you cannot take these idiots off the road, you need to deal them in your daily routine. Hence, your tyres should have a superior grip to enable you to stop at will and save yourself from such idiots.

The company has launched a 360O marketing campaign to promote Bike Tyres category. Other than the regular ATL advertising, the company is exploring some innovative options and for this the company has huge plans. One of the initiatives that the company is undertaking is taking the ownership of spreading awareness about good road etiquettes. To do this, the company has launched a website called www.beidiotsafe.com.

CEAT launched this website to showcase bad driving, traffic violations and dangerous road habits. This is a social initiative. The objective is to acquaint the visitor with different types of people or idiots who do not follow the Road Etiquettes, traffic rules and regulations.

On this occasion Arnab Banerjee, Executive Director Operations, CEAT Limited said, “We want to increase our market share in the two-wheeler category, and this campaign aims to address that. The campaign is mainly launched to promote the USP of our product and address the target segment that we have identified. The cornerstone of proposition is that CEAT Bike Tyres are the best tyres to navigate the chaos on the Indian roads because of the superior grip it offers.”

“Companies are increasingly adopting cause based marketing approach as it helps brand as well as society at large. We felt that there is a need to address the road discipline issue as India scores the highest globally when it comes to road accident deaths” added Banerjee.


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