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CWG Beats Cricket In TV Rating

Cricket may be the first love in India but the charismatic Commonwealth Games have forced Cricket to take a back seat.

Rajat Arora | Delhi | October 7, 2010

Cricket may be the baap of all sports in India but the gentlemen’s game couldn’t beat the magnum opus Commonwealth Games in TV rating.

This could be first time ever in the history that some other sporting event has got more TV ratings than a cricket match series in India.

According to aMap reports the commonwealth games on its opening day 3 October got peak rating of 4.27, whereas, India-Australia test match on its first day 1st October got rating of .44.

Day two of the commonwealth games got the peak rating of 3.22, whereas, the day two for cricket match got the peak rating of .80.

For the cricket match excitement started building on the 5th day when it got peak rating of 1.62. And for commonwealth games the same day was full of gold medals but the rating saw a decline. The games got rating of 2.46 on 5th of October.

The final match of IPL 2010 holds the record of maximum rating for any sporting event in India. The match got the whooping rating of 7.1

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