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Surya Narayanan, Director - Business Development, Isobar

The biggies are big for a reason. Because they have a BIG mouth. Have fun reading.

Surya Narayanan is Director - Business Development with Isobar, Mumbai and has more than 7 years of experience with various reputed agencies including JWT, Leo Burnett and LBi. He has handled the key clients like PepsiCo, PlanetM, Taj Hotels, HDFC Standard Life and McDonalds.

Qashish Chopra of spoke to him on dope other than his rigorous routine into business development.

Q) What is your current state of mind? Curious. Curiousity might have killed the cat, but I am not a cat :)

Q) Your poison? Idiots and Illogical conversations

Q) Who are the three people you would invite for dinner and drinks if it were your last? 1. Spock from Star Trek - We would enjoy logical conversation over some Romulan Ale; 2. Hiro from Heroes to stop time going forward; and 3. The cheerleader from Heroes to make sure my dinner is not my last :D

Q) Name the one animal you think you resemble: Home Sapien mostly I think.

Q) A song that best describes you: "Jeevan ke din chote sahi".

Q) What would you do if you were invisible for a day? I want to say take a break but no. I will engineer obscene amount of money to put in to my account so I can take a well paid holiday for ever.

Q) What is the 1 thing you would take for company on an isolated beach? Laptop with internet connection.

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