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The BIG Mouth

Soumitra Karnik, ECD, JWT

The biggies are big for a reason. Because they have a BIG mouth. Have fun reading.

Soumitra Karnik is ECD at JWT Delhi. He has been handling the Pepsico creative team at Delhi.

Qashish Chopra of spoke to him on dope other than advertising.

Q) What is your current state of mind? I'm thinking.

Q) Your poison? 2 parts dark rum, one part pepsi and two parts water.

Q) Who are the three people you would invite for dinner and drinks if it were your last? Meg Ryan (before the surgery), meg Ryan (during the surgery) and Meg Ryan (After the surgery).

Q) Name the one animal you think you resemble. A Wolf .

Q) One thing you never leave home without? My denims.

Q) What would you do if you were invisible for a day? I would drive a Ferrari on full speed/ slap corrupt politicians hard/transfer Sultan of Brunei's money into my account.

Q) One song you love to hate? Theme for a dream and yeh dosti ( totally gay).

Q) The last thing you do before going to bed? Thank god.

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