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The BIG Mouth

Prerna Mehra, Sr Visualiser, O&M, Delhi

The biggies are big for a reason. Because they have a BIG mouth. Have fun reading.

Prerna Mehra is the Senior Visualiser at O&M, Delhi. Qashish Chopra of spoke to her on dope other than advertising.

Q) What is your current state of mind? Progressive.

Q) Your poison? Coffee.

Q) Who are the three people you would invite for dinner and drinks if it were your last? Tom, Dick and Harry :)

Q) Name the one animal you think you resemble. A chik :)

Q) One thing you never leave home without? Cellphone ( it would have been my wallet before I forgot that today)

Q) What would you do if you were invisible for a day? Rob a bank :)

Q) One song you love to hate? Aaj din chadheya- from love aaj kal...overdose of love!!!

Q) The last thing you do before going to bed? set my alarm for the next day :)

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