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Arunabh Biswas, Creative Consultant, Webchutney, Delhi

The biggies are big for a reason. Because they have a BIG mouth. Have fun reading.

Arunabh Biswas is Creative Consultant with Webchutney. With the long curly tresses, this guy in Delhi office of Webchutney is also called ‘Baba Ramdev’ by his friends.Qashish Chopra of spoke to him on dope other than advertising.

Q What is your current state of mind? Vacation in wonderland (with or without Alice)

Q) Your poison? Should be soluble with blood

Q) Who are the three people you would invite for dinner and drinks if it were your last? The queen of hearts my wife, the lizard king Jim Morrison and the warring knight Che Guevara

Q) Name the one animal you think you resemble? WIFEY SAYS IT'S TIGER...

Q) A song that best describes you. More than words by extreme (what would you say if I took the words away)

Q) What would you do if you were invisible for a day? Run naked all around...

Q) The last thing you do before going to bed? Check the alarm on the cell.

Q) What is the 1 thing you would take for company on an isolated beach? A romantic like me... it's got to be the love of my life, my wife.

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