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RED FM Now Campaigns Against The Mosquito Menace

‘Macchar Ab tu Darr!!’ in its 3rd successful year

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | August 9, 2010

RED FM is now campaigning against the mosquito menace in Mumbai and launched a campaign ‘Machhar Ab Tu Darr! Sponsored by HIT and Supported by Pest Management Partners ISS Hi Care’. In its third successful year, RED FM is attempting to highlight the plight of citizens and bring about better hygiene and awareness on ways to curb the menace of mosquito borne diseases in the city of Mumbai.

RED FM gives its listeners a chance to invite them to their locality by sending an SMS - Red Machhar to 58558. Red FM will visit societies all over Mumbai for a period of 1 week starting from August 4th accompanied by ISS Hi Care fumigation teams & HIT representatives. The team will also distribute HIT product samples and educate residents on proper measures to be taken to prevent this menace in their localities and inside their homes.

According to Nisha Narayanan, Senior VP, Projects and Programming, RED FM, “It is a known fact that the mosquito menace is at its peak during the monsoon season. It is time for both the citizens as well as the civic bodies to take action to against this yearly menace. Through our campaign, we aim to send a strong message to the civic authorities as well as bring about awareness amongst the citizens themselves about ways to prevent such diseases.”

According to Tarun Arora, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing for Godrej Household Products Limited, manufacturer & marketers for brand HIT, “A single mosquito bite can cause a spate of harmful diseases, the most lethal being malaria. Hit, in collaboration with RED FM has taken an initiative to fight against these deadly diseases. While people are aware of the problem at hand, awareness needs to be created on the methods of preventing mosquito borne diseases in simple and accessible ways. HIT spray, the most powerful of mosquito solutions, kills mosquitoes instantly, with not even one surviving. Our partnership with RED FM is the perfect combination as we can reach out to maximum number of people in the city.”

According to According to Anil Dias, Chief Operating Officer of ISS Hicare Pvt. Ltd., “During the monsoons especially, one needs to be extra careful as diseases spread very easily. Children are at maximum risk as they are susceptible to their surroundings and therefore it is important that proper prevention and care is taken. This is an important and strong initiative against malaria and other mosquito borne diseases and we are proud to be associated with RED FM who is taking this initiative in curbing the menace. ”

World over, malaria claims the lives of innocent people and the loss of life is an emotional upheaval in our daily life. With the discovery and use of modern medicine, diseases such as malaria can easily be eliminated. Simple steps of personal hygiene, clean water and air can help in avoiding unnecessary illness’ and further assist people in enjoying life to the fullest. Red FM, the Station for Expression, has always utilized its platform to spread awareness about various social causes.

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