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“We Don't See Any Competition For Us In The Space We Operate”

Bipin Chandran Editor, Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur is a magazine for India's small businesses, start-ups, venture funds and financial institutions. The magazine will offer an in-depth understanding of what an entrepreneur wants and needs information, tools and resources to conquer their daily challenges in business.

Entrepreneur is targeted at entrepreneurs, (SMEs) and people wanting to venture out on their own. Entrepreneur is a 30 year old brand in the US with 3 million readers. It also happens to be the largest selling business magazine from news-stands in the US. Besides the US - it’s also published in 6 other emerging markets - like Russia and The Philippines. spoke to Bipin Chandran, Editor of Entrepreneur’s Indian edition.

Q) Entrepreneur is one of the largest read magazines in USA; do you see the same potential for Entrepreneur in India?

Entrepreneur is the largest selling business magazine on the newsstands in the US. In India we see a huge opportunity for a magazine like this. Our endeavor is to be a leader in the space we operate. We are quite certain that we will be able to achieve it.

Q) What is the positioning of Entrepreneur in Indian magazine market and who all are your competitors in this segment?

We don't see any competition for us in the space we operate. No other magazine covers the sector as we do. We have not seen any other magazine having the kind of focus we have.

Q) What is your vision for entrepreneur, will it largely remain a magazine for metro people only or you want to see it as a sort of guide book for aspiring entrepreneurs in the real India away from metros?

Entrepreneur is a magazine for everyone. We don't think entrepreneurship is limited to urban or rural India. It is a pan Indian phenomenon.

Q) Where do you see the magazine in next couple of years?

We aspire to emerge as a 360 degree market player for entrepreneurs. We will be one of the largest players in the space.

Q) As there has not been much growth in Indian magazine market in past years, how soon do you think the magazine will cross the breakeven point?

We are currently not in a position to discuss business plans.

Q) How much space are you keeping for the content from the international editions of magazine?

In the launch issue, we have about 25 % international content. We are not rigid about the proportion that international content will take. We will be publishing relevant international content depending on it availability.

Q) In your fist editor's note, you mention one section of your magazine 'Start up' as most ambitious part of the magazine. Can you please elaborate on this?

Start up is an area which is not in the immediate radar of many. This group of companies needs more attention and handholding if we want to see entrepreneurship in the country growing. We see a huge scope in developing a platform that will work with and for this group of entrepreneurs. Companies are starting up in every corner of the country. But an ecosystem for start ups is missing in the country.

Q) what are the advantages of being a publication from a huge media group?

We benefit from being a part of a group that has been active in the entrepreneurial space. Being a part of Network18, which is one of the pioneers in this space gives us huge advantage in terms of content and connect. Similarly, we have a ready established link with this group with Infomedia18's Yellow Pages and business to business magazines.

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