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Lost In Love Or Loss In Love?

By Niraj Sharma, Editor,

Everything is fair in love and war but Sania-Shoaib marriage row has gone one step ahead to prove that this is not the matter of love only. More over this couple’s dedication suggests that they are under tremendous pressure to make the marriage successful at any cost. So far this cost seems to be limited to Sania losing brand value as Bournvita decided not to renew her contract and some of section of media also reporting that Shoaib paid Rs. 15 crore as compensation to his mysterious wife Ayesha Siddiqui.

But what is forcing this couple to get into the marriage as early as possible? Was it pre-planned or a sudden decision? Was this the only way for Shoaib to get rid of the ban imposed by Pakistan Cricket Board? Possibly a big Yes! All the drama indicates some something really fishy is cooking beneath the layer of this marriage saga.

Above all, Indian and Pakistan media is another beneficiary party in this marriage controversy. Among Indian media, some were giving a good hype to this and some were refraining from the matter. Initially the later ones failed to evaluate the size of issue but came and covered the issue as the controversy became bigger.

There was lot of furor over the media coverage, some said page three issue has become page 1 but high profile news always pays better so it did here too. Despite the food bill, naxal attacks and on going IPL, the Shoib-Sania saga got maximum space. From bedrooms to boardrooms the marriage became a matter of debate.

The things involved with this matter included national pride, Sania’s playing for the country and after all sentiments of two neighboring countries. If everything was present there in the news, was not it poised to be hit?

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