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Instant Digital Gratification Becoming Irresistible

By: Archan Banerjee

Do you love your mobile phone, is it an important part for your existence… back in the 90 did you think, that a mobile was luxury but now you feel it is a necessity.

Well you are not the only one who thinks like that, digital marketing in India is getting redefined by it too.

Companies like Coca Cola are doing brand engagement with SMS number under the crown to win a Hayabusa, in there latest Thump Up commercial.

Companies like Britannia little hearts are distributing talk time again through product promotion.

Digital gratifications in India are catching up fast and marketers are seeing the value in this medium.

The gratification process consist of distributing talk time directly on mobile phones via brand promotion contest to lucky winners, all this while the brand extract some vital consumer insight through direct feed back by consumers and engaging them with the brand thus elongating the awareness created by the TVC.

The key benefit for the consumer is instant gratification on there mobile phones and for the brands is the ability to gratify a much larger audience. The logistic of gratifying a consumer is much more cost effective and responses are real time.

Coca Cola had done a similar campaign for Sprite Kholega Toh Bolega in 2008; while many HUL brands have also taken the similar road like Bru, Cornetto and AXE.

What is really interesting is similar application are getting designed on IVR numbers ( automated inter active voice response) and on websites, to integrate all the channels of digital media to reach all segments of the masses and with 85% of the total mobile market being prepaid, it makes for easy adoption in terms of the idea of winning talk time.

Imagine just giving a missed call to an IVR number, it calls back, you participate and within 48 hrs you are rewarded- The latest new age instant gratification.

The system is so basic that minimum education is needed plus IVRS have regional language interactive programs making it further customized and easy to use for the consumer.

Aggregate mobile recharge companies like Oxigen are leading the way with this kind of applications, other like Mobile2Win and other are benefiting from this trend. Aggregate recharge companies are those who are tied in with most of the network operators.

We could be looking at the new age of TVC marrying digital mediums for brand awareness and could be a new medium to gather consumer insights too.


*Views Expressed here are personal. The writer can be reached at

** Archan started his career in retail sales with AFL, post which worked in the marketing/insights team at and at Millward Brown a brand research & consulting firm. Currently he is working with Oxigen Services in digital media division. Archan is graduate in Economics from DU and MBA from Amity Business, Noida majoring in marketing & sales.

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