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International Advertising Association appoints Dagmara Szulce as Managing Director

A skilled strategist, Szulce's priority is to go back to the IAA's heritage and cement its role as the global compass in the marcomms industry

Dagmara Szulce

The International Advertising Association (IAA) has appointed Dagmara Szulce as Managing Director, who will be based in New York City and report to the IAA's main governing body – the Board of Directors.

Szulce comes to the IAA with a track record of over two decades of building and transforming brands in the US and globally – both on client and agency sides alike.

A skilled strategist, Szulce's priority is to go back to the IAA's heritage and cement its role as the global compass in the marcomms industry. Felix Tataru, IAA's Chairman and World President, said, "This is a global role and in Dagmara we have a person at the helm with boundless energy and unique set of skills to realise the very stretching vision the Board of Directors have outlined."

Szulce's appointment is a concerted effort by the IAA to address the often-raised question of relevancy of trade associations in the marketing communications and advertising industry. "I am excited to join the IAA. As the IAA looks towards its 80th anniversary in 2018, and in an age where new is often seen as better, I am convinced that the IAA's longevity along with its unique global footprint is what sets it apart now and will continue to set it apart for the next 80 years and beyond. I look forward to working with the global members to shape the future of our industry and ensure that the IAA plays an active role as a global ambassador holding us accountable and responsible, and a positive role-model for future generations in our industry," Szulce said.

"The IAA's membership is diverse – comprising individual and organisational members from across the communications value chain: advertisers, agencies, media, educators and other organisations/associations. We have members in over 40 countries worldwide. Our aim is to galvanise the significant goodwill of these members so that the IAA has a seat at the table in shaping the important ad industry and wider societal policies and practices," said Srinivasan Swamy, Senior Vice-President, IAA.

IAA plans to do this by promoting the power of creativity and this new mission was recently launched in Bucharest, during IAA's Global Conference with Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple. IAA is honoured to partner with visionary minds like Steve Wozniak to inspire a new generation of creative minds in the industry.

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