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Tata Salt urges people to question quality of salt

The new campaign conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather Mumbai aims to establish the superiority of Tata Salt through simple demonstrations

Click on the Image to watch the TVC.

Tata Salt launched its new campaign, ‘Sawaal Kijiye Apne Namak se’, to educate consumers about the quality of their salt and help them make well-informed decisions. The thought behind the 360-degree campaign is derived from the fact that though salt is a universal and one of the oldest food seasonings, there is limited knowledge around the quality of salt and its impact on health. The campaign is conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather Mumbai.

The campaign’s TVC stars Konkana Sen Sharma and Tilottama Sharma as the lead protagonists. The TVCs are meant to astonish consumers and give them a reality check about their salt. Designed as a series, each TVC has been shot to communicate specific product characteristics and quality markers with strong legs in digital, radio, experiential. The phases will highlight quality and purity as the key factors that consumers should consider whilst purchasing salt.

Namrata Keswani, Head of Digital Domain, Ogilvy Mumbai, said, “The thinking behind this campaign was simple, sharp and clear. It was to make a hardworking product message like 'purity test' reach the consumer in an engaging way and make them try it themselves at home. 

Featuring talents like Konkana and Tilottama will ensure this message has high recall and will drive overall awareness about Tata Salt's purity test.

Sukesh Nayak

Sukesh Nayak, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy West, added, “The campaign had to urge consumers to question the purity of their salt. We took clinical tests and demonstrated them in a memorable way, so that people can easily replicate them at home.”

Tata Salt, over the years, has created a strong emotional connect with its property, ‘Desh Ka Namak’ and is now moving towards building a stronger narrative on health. Taking inspiration from the brand’s genesis, the positioning is expressed as ‘Desh ki Sehat, Desh Ka Namak’ reinstating Tata Salt’s commitment towards societal health and well-being. The new campaign aims to bring forth the evaluation criteria for better-quality salt and establish the superiority of Tata Salt through simple-to-understand demonstrations. The campaign ‘Sawal Kijiye Apne Namak Se’ talks about the functional attributes of salt, namely purity, and aims to reinforce brand loyalty among its core consumers.

Richa Arora

Richa Arora, Chief Operating Officer (CPB), Tata Chemicals, commented, “Salt is an irreplaceable ingredient in cooking and hence it’s important to ensure that the salt you use is not impure. Through this campaign, we aim to encourage people to test the purity of their salt as consumption of adulterated salt may lead to serious health implications. There is an urgent need to generate awareness among the masses about the various methods to identify adulterated salt. We at Tata Salt are committed towards delivering health-aware products and are constantly working towards societal health and development.”

Anirban Roy, Senior Vice-President, Planning, Ogilvy Mumbai, said, “Salt is a low involvement category. Much as we would like to think, the consumer doesn’t want to have a ‘relationship’ with a pack of branded salt. Most advertising does not work because it fails to create an impact and tries to be clever. We’ve kept it simple – tell her why we are superior to others (in an entertaining way) and nudge her to question her current brand of salt. Tata Salt, as a brand, already enjoys phenomenal equity – the intent of this integrated campaign is to convert equity into action.”

The Campaign:


Agency: Ogilvy, Mumbai

Chief Creative Officer: Sukesh Nayak

Sr. Creative Director: Nishant Pratap & R Pratheeb

Creative Supervisor: Chhavi Sahni

Visualizer: Dhvani Shah


Sr. Vice-President: Anirban Roy

Group Head Planning: Karthik Narayan

Account Management 

Vice-President, Head of Digital: Namrata Keswani

Management Supervisor: Pooja Motwani & Ashish Arya 

Sr. Account Executive: Saket Gaba

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