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Home is never too far away with GuestHouser’s holiday destinations

In its very first digital film, GuestHouser speaks about the thrill of travelling while staying close to home. The holiday home has earmarked Rs 1 crore for the campaign

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Wanderlust is the new buzz word. Everywhere you turn, you are bound to bump into an avid travel junky and thanks to Instagram, more and more people are getting bitten by the travel bug. But not everyone likes the strangeness of a hotel room and crave for something more, something homely. And with their very first digital film, GuestHouser is promising just that.

Conceptualised by the in-house marketing, content and design teams, the digital film shows that whether you go trekking in the Himalayas or on a beach holiday in Goa, a wildlife safari in MP or chase city lights in Mumbai, a GuestHouser holiday home is never far from you.

The campaign targets weekend travellers who love to travel but are often unaware of how easy it is to make their vacation truly memorable by staying in an authentic holiday home rather than a hotel. The campaign that went live on September 9 has a total budget of Rs 1 crore.

Speaking on the insight, Dhruv Sharma, Founder and CEO, GuestHouser, said, “No matter how far and wide we travel, the feeling of coming back to the comfort of11 a home is irreplaceable. Over the last three years, we have painstakingly built India’s largest network of 100 per cent verified holiday and vacation homes and we are looking to now communicate that regardless of where you go, you’ll have a warm, welcoming and verified holiday home near you, often even within walking distance, available on GuestHouser.”

“Younger travellers in particular appreciate the fact that many homes come with rich and fascinating history, plus the inherent quirkiness of staying in an actual home, whether it is a villa, a tree house, a boat or a farmhouse is simply unmatched by a hotel,” Dhruv added.

The TVC:


Writer: Natasha Sarin (GuestHouser)

Conceptualisation: Hamza Rizvi (GuestHouser)

Art and Storyboarding: Apeksha Gupta and Arpit Bhatia (GuestHouser)

Videography: Vaibhav Mittal (GuestHouser) 

Editing & Production: Riddhiman Ghosh and Neiza Silveira (Concept Counter)

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