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Famous gets its own lion, literally

While the entire advertising world is chasing Lions in Cannes, back home, Famous Innovations did it differently: it has adopted a lion for Jijamata Udyaan zoo, which hasn’t seen a lion in seven years, and named it Cannes!

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | June 24, 2016


When the advertising world was talking about Cannes Lions and agencies around the world were busy sending entries to the most awaited advertising awards festival, Famous Innovations got a lion of its own. The independent advertising agency has adopted a lion and named it Cannes.

The agency adopted four-year-old Cannes for the Jijamata Udyaan zoo, also known as Ranichi Bagh, which has been missing a lion for the last seven years. Every year, Indian advertising industry sends 800-900 entries to Cannes, which would cost approximately Rs 4 crore. The idea behind this initiative came about with the desire to utilise the money spent on sending entries to Cannes to instead support a cause.

Raj Kamble Raj Kamble

“We are really proud to get a ‘lion’. We too love awards and we are not against them but this year we thought, why not do something different? This zoo is very close to our office, and one day my team brought to my notice that without a lion its soul is missing. That's when we decided that it will be really cool to bring new life to this historic place. Finally, here's a Cannes lion that can be shared with the whole city of Mumbai,” said Raj Kamble, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Famous Innovations.

Vikas Gupta, Chief Conservator Officer and Director, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, said, “It is a very good initiative that Famous Innovations has taken and we all at Sanjay Gandhi National Park really appreciate the step taken. We look forward to many more such people who can come ahead and adopt animals.”

At the moment Cannes, the lion, is at Sanjay Gandhi National Park and will soon be shifted to a new home.

The agency has made a video on their effort to give the zoo a lion. The video starts with patrons missing the sight of a lion in the zoo and then goes on to explain the intention behind the effort.

You can watch the video here:


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