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Airtel Money shows the power of a mobile wallet – ‘direct mobile se’

Taproot conceptualises three TVCs to refresh the idea of a mobile wallet two years after the launch of Airtel Money

Sohini Sen | Mumbai | January 29, 2014

Airtel-money Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Bharti Airtel's offering of Airtel Money, through Airtel mCommerce, has revolutionised the m-commerce space. Launched two years ago, Airtel Money needed to be refreshed in the consumer’s mind which is why Taproot has created a new campaign.

The mobile banking and mobile transaction sector has seen changes which enable users with an easier, convenient, secure and reliable alternative to cash transactions like money transfer, railway ticket bookings, electricity bill payments, etc., offering trust, stability, reliability, security and consistency. This has shown tremendous growth with the subscriber base growing by 168.5 per cent year-on-year.

The technology behind Airtel Money transforms the cellphone into a secure and convenient wallet empowering customers to save money, send money, receive money, and do all transactions faster from their mobile phones with no barriers of time, distance or cost. The agency was given a brief to communicate the three specific benefits of Airtel Money platform – bill payments directly from the mobile; money transfer directly from the mobile; and mobile recharge directly from the mobile – through the compelling lens of relationships.

Keeping that in mind, Taproot has conceptualised three TVCs called 'Direct mobile se'. The stories revolve around a family which is slowly using Airtel's mobile wallet facility for their everyday use. By showing three different life scenarios – money transfer, bill payment and mobile recharge – the campaign highlights the advantages of using such a service.

The first TVC shows a man walking into a room only to find his teenage son lazing on the couch. He interrupts the son and asks if he has sent the money he was supposed to, to Kanpur. The boy's expression gives away that he had forgotten. The father loses his temper because it is a bank holiday and starts scolding his son while the mother and sister try to avoid any confrontation. The son, meanwhile, quietly switches on his phone and transfers the money through Airtel Money. He shows his father that the money has been sent and tells him that banks may be closed but the phone is on. The TVC thereby shows how users can now do financial transactions even on bank holidays.

The second TVC shows the same family at the dining table when the father gets a reminder that the last day to pay the electricity bill is that day itself. While he starts scolding his son for forgetting and being irresponsible, his son fiddles with his phone. After a moment though he shows his dad that he has already paid the bill through Airtel Money, thereby showing how even last-minute payments are possible through this facility.

"The writer for this campaign, Neeraj, is also the same age as the boy in the film. He had this insightful series of scripts about the covert turf war between a young man coming of age and the fading alpha male in a family. It is the unsaid tension between two generations that allowed for rich scripts that drove the product message home," said Agnello Dias, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Taproot India.

The campaign will also comprise outdoor, online and radio ads.



Credits: Client: Airtel Money Agency: Taproot India CEO: Umesh Shrikhande Chief Creative Officers: Agnello Dias & Santosh Padhi Writer: Neeraj Kanitkar Art: Abhishek Sawant, Durvesh Gaikar Servicing: Naved Panjabi, Gargi Production House: Equinox Films Director: Ram Madhvani Producer: Manoj Shroff Music: Vishal Khurana

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