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Google’s Robert Wong addresses Kyoorius Design Yatra 2012

Communication conference witnesses newer insights and a peek into the new era of communication

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | September 10, 2012 

India’s first and biggest visual communications conference, Kyoorius Design Yatra 2012, was opened by Robert Wong, Chief Creative Officer, Google Creative Lab, on Digital Day. Wong, who was born Chinese, grew up Dutch, was Canadian and is now American, started his address by stating the importance of free relationships. “It’s important for every communication manager to realize the need for living life by doing something powerful,” he said.

The session kick started with Wong highlighting the emotions that unify brands and consumers from communication standpoint followed by showcasing the strategy and implementation of web based communication programme. Wong surprised the audience by bringing alive Google’s three prolonged approaches of Technology (power), Image (secret & new) and operating procedures. “Remind the world what is it that they love about Google every time they log onto it” is the mission of Google, stated Wong.

On the other hand, Day II at Design Yatra was a riot of laughter, fun and more so learning with Arunachalam Muruganantham, CEO, Jayashree Industries, and Bill Lunderman, Vice-President, Global Design, Colgate- Palmolive.

Muruganantham gave the listeners shivers of excitement. He was indeed a phenomenal innovator who created the world’s first low-cost machine to produce sanitary towel. Started with nothing, currently he has over 706 machines, 7,000+people employed resulting into shifting 3.5 million women from unhygienic conditions to using a napkin. The creation of this Indian social entrepreneur has given women from low income groups dignity by making it possible for them to afford to buy sanitary towels and provide them income at the same time. He has only studied till 9th standard but is a pillar of inspiration to branding and communication professionals today. “Innovation is the solution to a problem than a beautiful product/design,” said Muruganantham who has a vision to make 100 per cent women use sanitary pads as oppose to 5 per cent currently.

Day II also saw Lunderman of Colgate-Palmolive brands worldwide sharing insights on how Colgate-Palmolive manages to speak to its customers: “Sell value and experience and not just the product followed by conveying its ‘it’s got to do it’ attitude.” His session addressed how design is a result of understanding the cultural context of the geography of the product. He focused upon understanding consumer influence on the product and how design should be perceived as an experience to create greater impressions.

Design Yatra is about staying fresh and excited taking the corporates and design fraternity away from usual grind to relax in the beaches of Goa while meeting and exchanging ideas with industry leaders. Keeping that in mind, Day III opened with an address by Mansukhbhai R Prajapati, entrepreneur & innovator of Clay Creations. Clay Creations is situated in Rajkot district that produces handicraft items and was started in 1988 utilising minimal funding. He is the creator of one of its kind refrigerator and is officially recognised by national innovation foundation. He addressed about 1,500 people from branding, communication, design, marketing on the need for innovation. He defines innovation as a result of necessity or necessity is the mother of innovation.

Following on Day II was the address by Josy Paul who started BBDO in a car and currently operates with 110 employees. Paul showcased his finest works for brands like Gillette (P&G) and his first campaign for Aviva Life insurance. “India needs acts and not ads,” said Paul. He shared insights that brought alive how every campaign that is created needs to start a movement and act towards achieving a larger purpose. “It is important for advertisers to understand that people do not want to be told but love to be a part of something big or a large movement,” said Paul.

Rajesh Kejriwal, CEO, Kyoorius. said, “We were thrilled to have renowned speakers from different walk of life who have built excellent case studies from across the world. The look, feel, messages and tone of the conference were designed keeping in mind the evolution of communication within India. Kyoorius Design Yatra continued to serve as a valuable meeting point for agencies in India and abroad in the sphere of design, branding and visual communications. It has provided an opportunity to understand, learn and get inspired from some of the finest minds in the field, delve into their creative process and be inspired by their work.”

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