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Pulp Strategy launches augmented reality mobile app

Introduces a new dimension to experiential marketing campaigns

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | August 7, 2012

Pulp Strategy Communications has launched its Layar based mobile application. The application is currently available for Android and iPhone users. This app will help add digital content to print media.

Ambika Sharma, Founder and CEO, Pulp Strategy Communications said, “With the increased penetration of smart devices in the youth the app allows the static creatives and collateral's traditionally used in on ground activations to be infused with interactive digital experiences, in real time this means that a static poster or a nimlock standee which is a method of delivering static information can now be an exciting engagement prompt. It is now an information tool + an engagement prompter. Marketers find value in such innovations as not only is it useful and social media relevant but also breaks clutter and adds pizzaz to existing branding elements increasing consumer engagement.”

“The next time marketers plan for that poster creative in campus, or that big branded wall in a mall activation, or even brand merchandise for a campaign we can bring alive each piece of static creative digitally for their consumers. The possibilities are amazing, consumers can be prompted to quick check ins on Social media at the press of a Button, Drive Likes or follows, go to the brand site or order a product or stream the brand video straight to the users hand held device,” Sharma explained further.

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