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McDonald’s fiery campaign to promote Spice Fest

Milestone Brandcom creates sizzling outdoor campaign for the McSpicy range

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | June 7, 2012

Indians use a variety of spices in their dishes. With a dash of fun and excitement this summer, McDonald’s has given Indian consumers something to celebrate by launching a Spice Fest from April 1 to June 1, 2012, introducing four new variants to its McSpicy range – Mexican Spice Chicken, Mexican Spice Veg, Asian Hot Garlic Dip and African PeriPeri ShakeShake.

The launch was supported by a 360-degree marketing campaign which debuted in April with a mix of TVC, print, outdoor and in-store promotions. OOH specialist Milestone Brandcom got the spicy flavour and fun onto the streets for McDonald’s by spreading the aromas of Mexican, African and Asian spices and flavours, tickling the taste buds all through the summer of 2012.

Commenting on the campaign, Rameet Arora, Senior Director Marketing, McDonald's India (West & South), said, "We have come up with a campaign that embodies the fun, freshness and festivities of Spice Fest to extend our ‘I’m Lovin It’ experience to our customers. We have tried to communicate the varieties of ‘Spice’ in a fun way while showcasing the ‘freshness’ and ‘quality’ of our products. We at McDonald’s aim to be our customer’s first choice and we are taking brand McDonald’s to the next level by providing our customers with products and campaigns that are new, fresh and innovative.”

The OOH campaign was executed across nine markets starting April 1, 2012 across 200 touch-points. Besides creating impact with large format billboards and gantries at key junctions and arterial roads, the campaign reached out to the target audience through various high-reach media like bus shelters, railway foot overbridges and utilities.

“Milestone Brandcom seized the opportunity to unveil this exciting hot range by bringing the most innovative brand connect with consumers at the most relevant touch-points. The most disruptive communication by all means touched consumers on multiple fronts at the last mile including malls, spice markets, local kirana (grocery) stores and McDonald’s outlets right up to their residential premises,” said Hanoz Patel, Founder Member & Managing Partner, Milestone Brandcom.

“Milestone Brandcom further built on the spicy offering with an innovative execution around the hot and spicy burger burning up a billboard at every bite or using fire extinguishers to put out the fire as a result of savouring a hot and sizzling McSpicy delight,” Patel further said.

The Burning Billboard: Right in the heart of Mumbai, at Mahim Causeway, through which more than 2.5 lakh passenger cars pass daily, the product was highlighted on a 40ft x 20ft billboard for seven days and included five flex changes.

On the first day, audiences saw an entire burger with the McDonald’s logo. Thereafter, every alternate day for the next five days; the burger was bitten up, with the area around the bitten part surrounded by flames emitting real smoke. On the last day, audiences saw a billboard with a hole in the shape of a burger, still flaming hot!

Mall Media: Reminiscent of days when grandmothers would dry chilies on the roof, a round platform (10’x10’) surrounded by dried chilies and carrying the McSpicy fest logo was put up in the atrium of Mega Mall and Nirmal Lifestyle.

Smoke out of the ears: Milestone Brandcom also created some amusing communication outbreaks, creating brand interaction and engagement with consumers on the go at Mumbai’s city bus stops in high footfall locations. A teenage boy who just bought himself a takeaway McDonald’s McSpicy Burger sat on the bench of the bus stop and savoured the spicy delight. On grabbing the initial first couple of bites of the burger, he broke into profuse sweat and had smoke coming out of his ears. Bystanders started taking photos and videos of him, thinking it to be an unusual spectacle. The activity made its way to various social media platforms.

Fire extinguishers: The idea was to drive home the point that the new Spicy range is so fiery that you will need a fire extinguisher to cool yourself off.  These fire extinguishers were installed at various ambient locations including McDonald’s stores and corporate and residential buildings in the vicinity of the stores to lure audiences.

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