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In-depth: What is giving sleepless nights to marketing heads of India’s top brands?
Platinum Guild International’s #CommittToLove campaign celebrates the myriad values of modern love
Men of Platinum partners with cricketer KL Rahul to celebrate those men who inspire others
PGI India’s ‘Platinum Season of Love’ campaign puts love before everything else
PGI’s Platinum Evara campaign is an ode to the spirit of today’s young women
Platinum’s second edition of ‘Season of Hope’ gives hope and reassurance with learnings of the past
Men of Platinum honours men who realise what matters the most in turbulent times
#LoveLeadsUs by Platinum Days of Love celebrates the power of love no matter what comes the way
Platinum Guild India’s ‘Season of Hope’ initiative highlights what truly matters
Only innovation in marketing can drive deeper engagement with consumers, says Sujala Martis of Platinum Guild International
It’s #GreaterTogether than being individuals when in love, says Platinum Days of Love
Platinum Day of Love overturns traditional roles, makes couples equal in love in new spot
Platinum Evara celebrates #DaughtersOfToday who redefine the world around them
This Friendship Day, PGI India encourages couples to remember and aspire to be #FriendsFirst
Parachute Advansed Hot Oil targets the North with #MagicOfWarmth
Parachute Advansed Body Lotion asks women to be confident in their own skin
Shazé urges people to join the rebellion against labels
Ferrero Rocher engages digitally for Valentine’s Day
Indiabulls Housing celebrates the spirit of the hardworking middle class
Bajaj Allianz launches new 'Retire Rich' campaign
Bajaj Allianz TVC underlines the 'guarantee' factor
Bajaj Allianz new TVC focuses on real-life learnings