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The Script Room’s new venture Reels Room to create work specifically for social media

Launched in partnership with Shiv Parameshwaran, this new unit will create work targeting consumers on Instagram and Facebook

Founded by Ayyappan Raj and Ramsam (Rajesh Ramaswamy) four years ago, The Script Room, announced its new offering, Reels Room.

Reels Room will focus on creating work for the socially engaged consumer. Reels Room will offer its services in collaboration with Bad Donkey Small Wall, an independent creative and production company founded by Shiv Parameshwaran, creative director and ad film-maker who’s famous for his work across Flipkart, Fastrack, Fanta, Ather, etc.

Reels Room will be headed by Ahsan Khan, founding member of The Script Room and a creator himself.

Parameshwaran said, “It's exciting to see the potential of exploring films in the vertical dimension, especially with the growing mobile-first audience. Watching horizontal videos on locked phone orientations remains a struggle, while vertical videos boast higher watch completion rates. Therefore, we felt there is a need to get brands excited about thinking and shooting for vertical screens rather than adapting the horizontal videos. After months of catch-ups and jam sessions, I couldn't be happier to see this venture taking off, unlocking a new realm of creativity and connection.”

Khan said, “While we have been creating popular and engaging work for some of India’s top brands across television and digital, we believe that there’s a big opportunity for us to do the same solely for social. The scope to create hi-impact audio-visual work is quite large and substantial.”

“Shiv is one of the best creative minds in the industry and a new-age filmmaker with an eclectic range of work. We have been collaborating on various projects and I’m super glad that we are finally launching Reels Room in partnership with him. Ahsan is a rare combination of creative and business. With over ten years of advertising experience and being Associate Director with Anupam Mishra & Sonam Nair, he’s like super-suited for this new venture. Between Ahsan, Namrata, Alex, Ariana and a powerhouse talent like Shiv, we’re looking forward to putting out some good stuff very soon”, Ramaswamy commented.

Raj said, “While The Script Room managed to find its play in the market, Reels Room is an idea that has come from the market. Any decent social media executive will tell you the statistics of time spent, engagement and so on. Beyond the strengths of the medium, there is a big opportunity in the social space to create high-quality audio-visual content (outside of influencer advertising) that reflects the company’s stature and build a distinctive voice for the brand. And of course, Reels Room will benefit from all the learnings that we have had, in terms of cultural insights and the craft of storytelling.”


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