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Star Sports’ Asia Cup 2023 ad film celebrates passion of cricket fans

The film, conceptualised by the in-house team at Disney Star, pays tribute to the dedication of the cricket fans

Click on the Image to watch the Video.

Star Sports has unveiled its campaign for the Asia Cup 2023.

People can watch the Asia Cup 2023 Live on the Star Sports Network and Disney+ Hotstar from 3.00 pm (IST) onwards between August 30 to September 17, 2023.

The film, conceptualised by the in-house team at Disney Star, pays tribute to the dedication and passion of the fans.

The film shows cricket fans ‘Hands Up’ in support of Team India, who create an awe-inspiring spectacle, a vivid tapestry of colours and chants, standing tall in times of both grief and happiness.

Sharing the thought behind the campaign, Star Sports said, “Through triumphs and defeats, they stand united behind their favourite teams and players, an unbreakable bond forged by their love for the game. Their cheers reverberate through stadiums, transcending barriers of language and culture, to become a universal language of celebration and encouragement. In moments of sorrow, they offer solace and understanding, reminding players that they are more than competitors—they are heroes in the eyes of millions.”

Star Sports Spokesperson said, "As we unveil the electrifying Asia Cup Campaign, we are geared up to bring the whole nation together to passionately Believe in Blue! The campaign film is a majestic symphony that resonates with the undying spirit of fans – a tribute to their eternal devotion and unwavering fervour. The Asia Cup is undeniably the biggest tournament before the ICC ODI World Cup graces our home soil, and we, at Star Sports, are committed to delivering the most exhilarating live action. Get ready India, for the colossal ODI Festival ahead, where we will celebrate triumphs, showcase talent, and revel in the glory of our cricketing heroes!”

The campaign film:


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