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Jimmy’s makers Radiohead Brands launches campaign to promote its energy drink brand Hustle

The new digital film 'Dreams are free, for everything else #HustleModeOn', aims at inspiring audiences to continue their Hustle towards achieving their dreams

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Radiohead Brands, makers of mixers Jimmy's, announced the launch of its energy drink, Hustle.

In tandem with the launch, the brand has also rolled out its new campaign “Dreams are free, for everything else #HustleModeOn” to encourage today’s youth to fearlessly pursue their ambitions and achieve their goals. Through the film, the brand seeks to show unwavering support for young individuals who embody an unyielding determination and drive to achieve their goals.

Conceptualised by the Radiohead Brands team, who have led the creative deployment for Jimmy’s Brand as well, the video campaign conveys a story about a team of two young entrepreneurs who are pitching to investors to secure funding for their business venture. As the young men navigate through the high-pressure world of entrepreneurship, one of them slips into a dreamscape. In this fantastical realm, the protagonist visualises the life he aspires to have after getting through the funding around and moving towards their dreams and goals. Amidst this, the protagonist’s partner brings him back to the real world by telling him - ‘Dreams are free, it’s time to Hustle.’

Ankur Bhatia, Founder and CEO Radiohead Brands, said, “Hustle energy drink embodies the always-on spirit of young millennials and Gen Z who are consistently working towards achieving their dreams. Even through the brand film 'Dreams are free, for everything else #HustleModeOn', we encourage people to relentlessly pursue their dreams wherein each sip of Hustle will act as a catalyst to invigorate and fuel one’s hustle, pushing them closer to realizing their aspiration.”

Nitin Bhardwaj, Co-founder and COO Radiohead Brands, said, “Hustle is founded on the fundamental principle that transforming your dreams into reality requires active and unwavering dedication. With Hustle as an ally, there are no boundaries to what one can achieve.  As a company deeply devoted to upholding excellence and innovation, we are incredibly proud to introduce the beverage to the market. We sincerely hope that it will serve as an inspiration for the youth to unleash their full potential and strive for greatness.”

The film:


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