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Talented makes Myntra’s first ‘press ad’, literally

As part of the campaign, the brand joined hands with laundry chain UClean and turned the laundry sheets that are placed within freshly-ironed clothes into an unmissable touchpoint to highlight EORS deals

The 18th edition of Myntra’s biannual sale, EORS, started on June 1.

To promote the sale and reveal the biggest offers, Myntra chose to launch EORS with a fashion campaign with zero pictures of clothes, right in the middle of people’s old clothes–their laundry.

Every time you get your clothes dry-cleaned or ironed it serves as an illusion–clothes almost like new… but not on-trend. This makes one's laundry a welter of insight, the perfect medium to remind people to get something more fashionable at fashionably low prices.

So, the brand joined hands with one of India's largest laundry chains, UClean, and turned the laundry sheet that's placed within freshly-ironed clothes into an unmissable touchpoint to highlight the offers of EORS. Technically, instead of going Out-Of-Home, Myntra went Inside-Of-Home to deliver its message contextually.

In the coming days, the laundry sheets will showcase exclusive coupon codes that can be redeemed to bag the trendiest wardrobe essentials from Myntra in exchange for an old but ironed outfit from your laundry pile or wardrobe.

While a host of fashion brands have advocated for circular fashion in the past, this fresh-new media touchpoint makes it an unmissable way to promote exchanging old fashion for new.

Myntra has plans of recycling the old clothes it receives from this activation to give them a new life in the future.

Vijay Sharma

"The fashion sale landscape is quite saturated with the same old visuals without any point of view. That's why this cheeky media innovation didn't need much convincing; the contextuality makes the messaging hit harder, which makes this idea work hard for both, the brand and the business," says Vijay Sharma, Senior Director, Marketing, Myntra.

Conceptualised by Talented, this campaign showcases how to leverage and make the best use of a boring, missable page.

Pooja Manek

Pooja Manek, Creative and Founding member at Talented, said, “I like to describe this campaign as fashion e-commerce marketing but on steroids. The idea was approved in the first meeting itself and then, the copy and the design team–Sandipan Deb, Devargh Mukherjee, Malvika Thirani, Aatif Shaikh and Shreya Arora worked through multiple iterations to elevate the sheer simplicity of the idea, while the collaboration and smooth logistics of it all were made possible because of Abhishek Kumar’s efforts.”

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