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Three surprising positive effects of social media on teens

Without a doubt, social media significantly impacts culture, particularly among teenagers. While there is always discussion about the negative aspects of social media on teens and young adults, there are also beneficial aspects of these platforms on them that are rarely mentioned.

While teens need to have healthy social media habits, like healthy screen time and courtesy, it is worth noting that social media is not all bad. It only becomes a destructive tool when people use it with malicious intent. Research shows that there are numerous advantages to using social media. And since you're wondering, here are three aspects teens benefit from using social media.

It reduces the feeling of isolation

While many adults complain that social media makes them feel lonely, it is quite the opposite for teenagers. However, there are also numerous threats online that they need to be wary of. According to ExpressVPN, cyberbullying is prevalent, although it's much less common than parents assume as that's the area they are most concerned about, whereas swearing is actually the biggest disturbance for kids and teenagers online.

Nonetheless, teens who might have fewer friends than a decade ago now feel less isolated. Teenagers and adolescents use social media to have fun, meet new people, share their unique stories, and learn about diverse interests and cultures. Thanks to the borderless interactions, it's a continuation of their in-person and offline personalities. Moreover, it's often essential to how older teenagers connect with their peers.

It helps them strengthen friendships

Unquestionably, friendships are an essential part of adolescent life. When teens have healthy relationships with their peers, it gives them a sense of acceptance and empowers them to connect more with the world around them. Sometimes, a good friend is all the motivation you need.

Bullies frequently target teens who are alone or isolated. On the other hand, teens with a core group of friends often have an added layer of protection from bullying. Many teenagers testify to how social media has helped improve their friendships.

​​It helps them do good

From organizing fundraisers to raising GoFundme for a worthy cause, social media can and has helped hundreds of teens champion change in their communities and have resources/to reach people they wouldn't have ten years ago. In addition, many social movements gained traction when teenagers leveraged social media to raise awareness about a problem.

Teens have a more significant impact on the world around them. So whether they create Twitter campaigns or YouTube videos, they have a greater chance of their voice being heard.

Plus, social media exposes teens to critical global issues that transcend their local communities. As a result, they're motivated to assist and support people from afar, whether it's climate change or preserving the rainforest, and much more.

Social media doesn't have to be frightening. Yes, it can be abused, but instilling tolerance, good digital etiquette, and orientations about online safety can keep your teen safe.

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