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Rio Boom Energy Drink awards its creative and social media mandate to The Minimalist

As per the mandate, the digital marketing agency will build and execute social media channel strategy, management of the brand's social platforms and create moment marketing solutions for the Gen-Z energy drink brand

The Minimalist, the digital marketing agency, has been appointed by Rio Boom Energy to construct its creative and social media roadmap.

The agency will be instrumental in creating social experiences for the Gen-Z and young millennial audiences that Rio Boom Energy Drink caters to.

Under this collaboration, The Minimalist will spearhead the social media channel strategy, and social platforms management and deliver topical marketing content and solutions for Rio Boom. 

Chirag Gander, Co-Founder, The Minimalist, shared, “We are excited to be a part of Rio Boom's energetic journey. The new-age energy drink brand is all about breaking barriers, hustle and an unstoppable attitude, and attributes. We at The Minimalist strongly believe in providing creative tech solutions to such new-age brands who want to disrupt the status quo with inventive campaigns. Rio Boom is a booming F&B debutante, which is exploring one of the fastest beverage categories in India – Energy drinks. We believe that with our collective enthusiasm to create inventive solutions and social trends, we will successfully create path-breaking experiences for its Gen-Zs and young millennials audience.” 

Rohan Sangoi, Co-Founder, Rio InnoBev, stated, “The Minimalist is a young and dynamic agency known for delivering path-breaking social strategies and campaigns. As a young team of enthusiastic individuals building a brand that creates, speaks and is all about delivering energy through our product line, we needed to draw synergies and collaborate with an expert team that has similar beliefs. Rio Boom is a new-age brand with new-age philosophies and getting Chirag and The Minimalist team on board seemed like an extremely organic way forward that we wanted to opt for our brands’ social front.”

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