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SBI Life’s #SapnaHaiTohPooraKaro campaign appeals to the 'responsible ambition’ fuelling consumers

The campaign emphasises on the importance of accomplishing one’s ambitions while balancing existing responsibilities

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SBI Life Insurance has launched its #SapnaHaiTohPooraKaro integrated campaign which emphasises on the importance of accomplishing one’s dreams while looking after existing and evolving family responsibilities.

Through the new campaign, the company appeals to the ‘responsible ambition’ mindset by showcasing those who have broadened their horizons and taken over the skies with their strong desire to pursue their passion while simultaneously fulfilling family responsibilities.

The film starts by narrating a father’s story through his daughter’s point of view. The TVC showcases a story of a man named ‘Rishabh’, who quits his job to follow his passion of starting his own venture.

Despite starting a new phase in life of welcoming his first child, he moves forward to work hard on his start-up dream with vigour and zeal. From making prototypes and pitch presentations for investors, he is seen working hard to not only fulfil his passion but also provide a financially secured future to his family.

With a smile on his face, they both start working on her project. As his daughter turns 16, she is seen presenting a prototype created by her to the larger audience, here she acknowledges the efforts taken by his father in inspiring her to follow her passion and in an affirmative tone addresses the audience by saying ‘Sapna Hai toh Poora Karke Dikhao’.

Ravindra Sharma, Chief of Brand, Corporate Communication and CSR, SBI Life, said, “SBI Life has always been extremely inquisitive to understand the evolving needs of consumers. Today, a wave of ‘responsible ambition’ is fuelling consumers across the nation, where co-existence of personal ambitions and family responsibilities is becoming the norm. Our latest integrated campaign #SapnaHaiTohPooraKaro, emphasises on the importance of accomplishing one’s dreams and setting an example in the eyes of our loved ones, inspiring them to follow their own dreams, while simultaneously fulfilling existing and evolving responsibilities. We hope the campaign gives direction to individuals, liberating them to pursue their dreams, by securing the needs and aspirations of their loved ones.”

He added, “We, at SBI Life, strongly stand by our brand philosophy - ‘ApneLiye, ApnoKe Liye’ and encourage individuals to follow their hearts and make their dreams come true while looking after the financial needs of their family. #SapnaHaiTohPooraKaro, an integrated campaign, thus is an effort, to encapsulate this belief of having a balance in life for personal ambitions and family responsibility.”

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