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Clapboard launches a new web app

The web app is a comprehensive ecosystem that automates the discovery and booking of film crews

Automated content production platform, Clapboard has launched a new web application which engineers the skill sets of an agency producer into AI form.

Ex-Ogilvy Senior Creative Director has launched this platform to package advertising services as a SAAS offering.

Clapboard enables brands and agencies to produce film content in-house.  

Clapboard web app is a comprehensive ecosystem that automates the discovery and booking of film crews. The web app generates three fact-based quotations in minutes. The costing algorithms make Clapboard a transparent cost benchmarking tool.

With all showreels, portfolios and costings collated on a single dashboard, the web app helps make informed decisions with sufficient options for comparison. Through Clapboard, agencies and brands can virtually assemble a film crew and get PPM in no time at all.

Varun Katyal, Founder of Clapboard, said, "Clapboard is a bit like "The Lego of ad film production." Through algorithm-guides journeys, the web app empowers agencies and clients to virtually assemble end-to-end film production crews. In a way it's the best of both worlds - discovery of the best talent that's out there and transparent costing for procurement. The purpose really is to create some epic work by collaborating with the best talent that’s out there. And while doing so, democratise the entire content production process.”

This digital-first content production startup is an agency agnostic, brand content production platform. With the use of technology, the industry-first platform aims to disrupt the creative services space.

web app: http://www.clapboard.com



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