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Platinum Evara launches 'Becoming Me' campaign to celebrate personal journeys

The campaign features cricketer Jemimah Rodrigues and playback singer Nithyashree Venkataramanan

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Platinum Evara by Platinum Guild International (PGI) – India has launched a new campaign to celebrate precious moments, emotional revelations and learning curves with which young women of today find their authentic voices.

‘Becoming Me’ campaign features cricketer Jemimah Rodrigues and playback singer Nithyashree Venkataramanan.

The campaign is a series of five short films each, offering an intimate glimpse into Rodrigues and Venkataramanan’s lives.

The series featuring Rodrigues reveals her extraordinary journey, beginning with her unwavering self-belief as a six-year-old. It tracks her path of overcoming doubts, and her resilience in facing failures, never allowing them to dampen her spirit. The series encapsulates her journey, highlighting her comfort and confidence in her own skin. It delves into heartfelt moments, including her cherished memories of her 'dadda,' the pillar of her strength.

Next are the films that chronicle Venkataramanan’s life where she talks about how she remained true to her craft, learning to trust her voice at a very young age, mastering the art of singing in 25 languages. Even when doubt surfaced, she worked hard to overcome her fears owning her unconventional voice.

Sujala Martis, Consumer Marketing Director, Platinum Guild International (PGI) – India, said, “ Young women today desire the freedom to live from the heart, fluidity defines this new wave of femininity. They want to come into their own, overcoming personal fears, insecurities, stepping out of their comfort zones. Unlike the norm of the past they want to be in space when they can truly accept & love who they are. We are delighted to have two women with commendable journeys as the faces of this campaign- Jemimah Rodrigues & Nithyashree Venkataraman. Be it understanding their self-worth, or just fiercely believing in themselves, young women today find inspiration in their stories”

Rodrigues said, "As women, we have come a long way, each of us carving a path that's uniquely our own. It's essential to celebrate every aspect that shapes our true worth, with something as exceptional as our individual personalities. Platinum Evara stood out for me as a brand that encourages women to embrace and revel in who they truly are. I am extremely excited to come onboard for this campaign.

Venkataramanan said, “I truly resonate with what Platinum Evara stands for and I am happy to be a part of the latest campaign for the upcoming season. It's vital for us as women to celebrate every special moment and milestone in our journey of self-growth, a journey marked by courage and passion. I'm confident this campaign will resonate with many young women, encouraging them as they boldly step out of their comfort zones to author their own stories”

Mansi Shah, Brand Planning Director, Famous Innovations, said, “Their stories have the potential to inspire countless young women, and we are pleased to share that with the world through this campaign.”

Platinum Evara campaign:


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