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Warner Bros Discovery to premiere new docu-series ‘History Hunter’

The eight-part docuseries premieres on Discovery Channel and discovery+ on November 20, airing on Mondays at 9:00 pm

Warner Bros Discovery has announced a new docu-series, titled “History Hunter”, which will seek to solve the mysterious unanswered questions from Indian history.

The docuseries will be hosted by Maniesh Paul. Paul will be supported by experts on his quest to find a logical explanation and reasoning behind the questions that present themselves.

Paul said, "History Hunter has provided me with the opportunity to embark on an exhilarating journey across India, uncovering the hidden intricacies of age-old legends scattered throughout our diverse landscape. Collaborating with Warner Bros. Discovery has been a delightful experience. I eagerly anticipate sharing this thrilling series with the audience and believe it will captivate them, keeping them on the edge of their seats."

The eight-episode series, 'History Hunter,' will shine a spotlight on historical landmarks such as Nalanda University, Golconda Fort, Mahabalipuram, Brihadeeswara Temple in Tamil Nadu, the city of Lakhpat, and the Saraswati River. The show will also explore theories regarding the disappearance of Nana Saheb Peshwa II and whether Tipu Sultan was the first to introduce the world to militarised rockets.

Sai Abishek, Head of Factual and Lifestyle Cluster, Discovery, South Asia, said, “Warner Bros. Discovery continues to remain at the forefront of the factual entertainment genre, offering a diverse range of docuseries that resonate with audiences across the country. Our content slate showcases several Indian originals that take viewers through lesser-known facets of various historic subjects spanning decades and centuries. 'History Hunter,' our upcoming series, aims to unveil numerous mysteries surrounding historical landmarks, captivating viewers as it unravels enduring theories. We are excited to collaborate with Maniesh Paul on this project and are confident it will provide an enriching experience for our audience.”


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