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Havas Media Network India collaborates with MiQ for CTV to social campaign for JBL

A cross-device retargeting strategy was implemented for a premium product, constructing audience targeting cohorts based on JBL's top geo-markets

JBL has partnered with Havas Media Network India for the launch of JBL Bar 1300. The campaign conceptualised by Havas Media used MiQ to deploy connected TV campaign across OTT platforms and live TV channels.

A cross-device retargeting strategy was implemented for a premium product, constructing audience targeting cohorts based on JBL's top geo-markets.

By engaging viewers who viewed JBL's CTV ads on their Meta platforms, the strategy ensured that these potential customers were seamlessly engaged with relevant ads across their devices.

JBL stated that this retargeting approach resulted in increased brand visibility and enhanced lead generation. As a result,

“This audience targeted methodology enabled JBL achieve a remarkable 15% increase in brand awareness with a high-impact CTV campaign and an innovative cross-device retargeting strategy to engage affluent CTV audiences on social media,” said the company statement.

“The brand lift study showed The CTV campaign had a 1.2x View Through Rate  and 2.53x Click Through Rate,” the company statement added.

Akhil Sethi, Head of Digital Marketing, Lifestyle Consumer Audio, Harman India, said, “As marketers, innovative campaigns as such enable us to significantly stay ahead of the curve. It is reported that CTV in India will reach 80 million households by 2025. This evidently shows the immense growth potential of CTV advertising in India. This innovative first-of-its-kind campaign in India by Havas Media India and MiQ has shown great results for the JBL brand. Through this campaign, we have achieved 15% increase in brand awareness on CTV and through an innovative cross-device retargeting strategy we also successfully managed to engage affluent CTV audience on social media.”

Sethi further said, “The expertise of Havas Media coupled with MiQ’s data-led capabilities has effectively helped us target precise audience profiles, thereby enhancing our brand awareness and uplift in purchase intent. The quantifiable results that this campaign has helped us achieve is proof of the value proposition that CTV advertising holds. We are delighted with the results and can’t wait to again explore this exciting space in the near future.”

Rohan Chincholi, Managing Partner, Digital – Havas Media India, said, “Our team at Havas Media India is committed to providing meaningful and innovative solutions to our clients. With over 20 million CTV households and a wide range of video content, India is one of the world's fastest-growing advertising markets. CTV ads are known to create significant brand impact, helping boost awareness, favorability and uplift in purchase intent. This triumphant partnership underscores the importance of innovation in navigating the dynamic business environment, reinforcing the potential for future successes driven by shared expertise and strategic vision. This integrated campaign has not only propelled JBL's premium sound bar into the spotlight but also solidified our reputation as forerunners in the world of connected marketing.”

"We are thrilled with the outcome of our collaboration with Havas Media India and JBL," said Siddharth Dabhade, Global Commercial Board Member at MiQ. "Our unique CTV solution and data lake capabilities enabled us to deliver a highly targeted and impactful campaign for JBL. The results speak for themselves, with a remarkable 15% increase in brand awareness. This success has reinforced the value of data-driven, connected marketing in driving exceptional business outcomes."


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