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Chateau Indage unveils new brand logo

As per the company, the vibrant orange hue of the logo symbolises Chateau Indage's roots and unwavering commitment to winemaking

Chateau Indage has unveiled a new logo highlighting the dawn of a new era and all the new things it holds in store.

Chateau Indage stated that the rejuvenated symbol combines the brand's rich legacy with a revitalised spirit. It serves as a visual testament to Chateau Indage’s commitment to innovation while staying deeply rooted in its heritage.

“The vibrant orange hue of the logo symbolises Chateau Indage's roots and unwavering commitment to winemaking. Beyond its colour, the emblem carries deeper meaning, incorporating the strength and regality of elephants, symbolising the brand's bold challenge to wine stereotypes and its distinctive impact in the industry,” as per the company statement.

As the logo evolves into a dynamic representation of the brand’s journey, it encapsulates boundless enthusiasm and signifies the brand's strength, grace, and majestic presence in the exciting chapter ahead.

Under the leadership of Asawari Pande, Marketing and Brand Manager at Oniv Beverages, Chateau Indage embraces innovation. It aims to demystify and simplify the fine art of wine drinking.

“The shield in the logo symbolises the brand’s dedication to conserving heritage and culture, bringing the legacy of the past into the present and preserving the essence of its roots. Chateau Indage takes pride in being a homegrown brand. Introducing the art of winemaking to a new generation, the brand embarks on an innovative journey, blending it with elements of enjoyment and excitement,” the statement further added.

Ajinkya Bidkar, Chief Designer Officer, Bidkar, said, “As we chart an exhilarating new path, the unveiling of the new logo stands as a resounding testament to our commitment to heritage conservation, fearless innovation, and our profound connection to roots. We whole-heartedly invite everyone to embark on this thrilling journey where tradition merges seamlessly with innovation as we share our passion for wine with the world.”


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