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Google unveils an array of new features for BARD

The fresh additions include customised responses, Bard extensions, and an enhanced Google It button

Google has unveiled an array of new features for its generative AI chatbot, Bard.

These fresh additions include customised responses, Bard extensions, and an enhanced Google It button.

They have been crafted to augment Bard's seamless integration with various Google applications and services.

These updates empower Bard users to cross-verify Bard's responses, collaborate with others during Bard conversations, and merge Bard with Google's collection of applications and services, spanning Gmail, Docs, Drive, Maps, YouTube, Google Flights, and hotels.

Furthermore, Google is extending Bard's availability to encompass more than 40 languages.

In an accompanying blog post, Google offered insights into the practical use of Bard Extensions: "For instance, when planning a Grand Canyon trip (a task involving numerous tabs), you can now instruct Bard to retrieve suitable dates from Gmail, access real-time flight and hotel details, obtain Google Maps directions to the airport, and even view YouTube videos showcasing activities at the destination—all within a single conversation."

Google also reassured users that if they are utilising Workspace extensions, their content from Gmail, Docs, and Drive will remain shielded from human reviewers and will not be employed by Bard for advertising purposes or for training the Bard model.

Google stated, "You retain full control over your privacy settings, deciding how you wish to utilize these extensions, with the option to disable them at any time."


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