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MullenLowe Group reveals new global identity; ‘challenger octopus’ mascot undergoes major transformation

The new global identity and refreshed positioning of the agency is aimed at breaking free from the corporate agency world and having a more dynamic logo which will be rolled out to 4,000 employees, globally, to twist and stretch into their own personalised octopi

Last rebranded in 2016, Mullen Lowe seems to have developed a ‘dated’ feeling towards in “Challenger Octopus” logo - despite holding on to the idea of having an octopus in the logo.

As a result, the agency has revealed its new global identity, refreshed positioning and a “wildly abstract” and “fluid” octopus design for its logo which will soon be rolled out to the 4,000 global employees of the organisation to twist and stretch into their own personalised octopi.

“Our icon offers the perfect metaphor. The octopus has survived over 300 million years precisely because of its fluidity and ability to adapt. It is the only organism that routinely self-edits its own DNA—a model for how brands should behave today,” said Kristen Cavallo, CEO of MullenLowe Global.

João Paz, Head-Design, MullenLowe US, who also led the design project, shared that by taking this route, “We want to challenge the way brands show up in the world. Our octopus is not afraid of change; it’s in its nature, its DNA. We embraced that with a fully generative identity, crafted to show personalisation at scale.”

He also stated that the new logo doesn’t live by the rules of logic. It breaks free from any type of symmetry and rigidity. With no corners or end points, it changes and moves and behaves in different ways. “Our octopus is alive. It has a will, a personality, and, above all, it wants to move. With its endless twists and turns, it has the freedom to reinvent itself infinitely,” added Paz.

MullenLowe Group is inviting its more than 4,000 employees globally to design their own octopus using a generative app. “We want the design system to reflect who we are and allow each person who is part of MullenLowe to make their own mark,” said Paz.

As per the Group, the app will allow users to customise the octopus for email signatures, social and profile icons, and even the background of an Apple Watch.

“This is more than just a logo redesign. We have a point of view on how brands grow, and we built our identity and voice to reflect that belief. In a rapidly changing world, more of the same is not the path to long-term success. Brands need to earn and continually defend their unfair share of attention,” Cavallo said. “Products might be boring, but brands can never afford to be.”

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