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Netizens hail Arbaaz Khan’s impersonation of Roger Federer in SuperTeamDAO’s ad

Khan is often said to be a doppelganger of the tennis legend and there have been several memes floating around which have pointed towards the same in the past

Actor Arbaaz Khan’s latest advertisement for technology company SuperTeamDAO, in which he appears as a lookalike of tennis legend Roger Federer, has taken the internet by storm.

The actor is often said to be the doppelganger of Federer and has been the subject of many memes for the same, but now finally he has taken up the tennis player’s role in the ad. 

In the ad, the actor is seen talking about Federer’s records and is seen playing tennis poorly. He also curses in Hindi while playing Federer. Towards the end, the actor says, “Maybe not everyone can become a tennis legend but you can become a coding legend.” The ad then talks about Solana Grizzlython. 

The ad has been directed by Ankita Dahiya, and produced by Rigved Siriah and The Granfalloon. It has been written by Devaiah Bopanna, who is also a part of the Tanmay Bhatt team that is behind many recent quirky ads like the Karan Johar-Peyush Bansal ad for LensKart, SRK ad for Disney+Hotstar as well as several ads for Cred. 

The netizens seemingly loved Khan in the new commercial: 

“He finally took those memes seriously,” said a comment. 

“Took me 10 seconds to realise this is not Federer!!,” read another comment. 

However, while the majority have loved the commercial, some have pointed out their issue with the same:

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