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The Times Group is back with its ‘Times Wishlist’ campaign for the festive season

The campaign asks consumers what brands and products they want during the festive period

The festive season has arrived, as has consumer excitement about shopping and new purchases. People have not been able to fully enjoy the festivities in the past two years due to the pandemic, but with the worst of it behind us, they are looking forward to making the most of them this year.  

Consumers expect deals and offers from their most desired brands and products, as is customary during this season of joy. Times Wishlist is back this year to ask the most important questions for the festive season. 

"Times Wishlist" is a campaign that asks consumers what brands and products they want during the festive period. This year, they were also asked about the experiences they missed out on over the last two years, which comprised their miss-list. 

3 out of 5 of our readers want to buy/upgrade their mobile phones, about 1 in 2 chose television and 1 in 3 went for furniture, refrigerators, cars and air conditioners. Other choices included mattresses (23%), homes (22%), house painting (19%), and bathroom fittings (17%). 

When it comes to festive season experiences, travel is the most desired, with 3 out of 5 readers saying they miss going on vacation during festivals, and 44% wishing to buy new clothes and jewellery. 

It is now up to the brands in these categories to be visible and make the right offers, as there is a captive audience waiting.

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