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Filo’s first brand campaign addresses students’ vulnerabilities and solves challenges faced by them while studying

The three films are conceptualised by Filo’s in-house brand and marketing team and produced by The Flying Boots Production

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Filo, the instant live tutoring app where students can access tutors Live within 60 seconds launched its first-ever brand campaign “Ask Filo”.

The campaign puts the spotlight on the vulnerabilities faced by secondary and senior secondary students and shows how Filo can address them. Conceptualised by Filo’s in-house brand and marketing team and produced by The Flying Boots Production, the films bring to the fore the challenges faced by students – difficulty in understanding certain concepts, helplessness while self-studying, and hesitation in asking questions in the classroom.

These are overcome convincingly by Live one-to-one tutoring on the Filo app. The campaign aims at showing how millions of students are using Filo to learn from expert tutors Live, 24X7. The brand has released the campaign, which consists of three films across its social media channels – YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The campaign is a creative attempt to showcase that in weaker moments of a student's self-study time, Filo, like a friend, is always there 24X7, helping them overcome every learning obstacle. The three films are based in three different settings that almost every student finds himself in: school, tuition, and home. Set in a school classroom, the first film depicts a state of utter chaos felt by a student during math class, where he is not able to process the crucial concept and loses track of the entire session. In the second film, the hesitant student in the coaching class is not able to get her question answered by the teacher. In the last film, the student is at home trying to self-study and feels very vulnerable. From simply not getting what's being taught to hesitation in asking questions to feel helpless when alone - the films manage to cover a range of underlying emotions like reduced confidence, feeling lost, and hopelessness - aspects that every student undergoes in their journey and then showcases how Filo can help them find their way back.

Imbesat Ahmad, Co-Founder and CEO, Filo, said, “The films are an embodiment of our brand purpose – ‘Student 1, Self Doubt – 0. Always! Filo will be there for every student as a companion on good and bad days of their learning journey.’ Our brand & marketing team has captured the essence of our user reviews in the ads. Students need a genuine support system when they study. It’s a high-intent environment when someone has sat to study on their own. In that moment of need, Filo will always stand by every student, will always be available. And that is the message we want to give to students, ‘Come what may, Filo will never abandon you.’

Film 1:

Ask Filo | Never miss a concept in class

Film 2:

Ask Filo | Never shy away from asking questions

Film 3:

Ask Filo | Never get stuck during self-study sessions

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