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News18 India strengthen its position at the top; ABP News jumps one position

News18 India witnesses 0.4% growth in its relative share. TV9 Bharatvarsh records maximum growth in Week 30

In the rolling week 30 (HSM, 15+, NCCS All, All day part, Wk 27-30, Relative share among 15 channels), News18 India has strengthened its position at No. 1 as the channel has witnessed 0.4% growth in its relative share. The channel is sitting at the top of the pecking order with 12.8% of relative share.

Aaj Tak is at No. 2 with 12.2% relative share.

India TV is at No. 3 position with 12.1% of relative share this week.

At No. 4, Republic Bharat recorded 11.2% relative share.

The relative share of TV9 Bharatvarsh grew by 0.6% to 9.8% and the channel held No. 5 position.

Zee News stayed at No. 6 with 7.2% relative sare.

ABP News jumped one position to No. 7 with 6.6% relative share.

Times Now Navbharat slipped to No. 8 with 6.4% of relative share.

News Nation was at No. 9 with 5.8% of relative share.

Good News Today stayed at No. 10 with a relative share of 5.1%.

Zee Hindustan and News24 were at No. 11 and 12 with 4.1% and 3.7% relative shares, respectively.

India News, DD News and Samay garnered 2.3%, 1% and 0.1% relative shares, respectively.

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