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ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund launches 'Suno Sabki Karo Multi' campaign

The campaign highlights the risks of investing in single asset class and emphasis the need for investing across multi assets for better diversification and managing volatility

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ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund has launched its new investor education and awareness initiative, the 'Suno Sabki Karo Multi' campaign.

The campaign highlights the risks of investing in single asset class and emphasis the need for investing across multi assets for better diversification and managing volatility.

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A well-balanced food plate is the one that has a variety of items. Similarly, investing in multiple asset classes can help you build a diversified portfolio. Different asset classes perform and behave differently in various economic conditions. Past data has shown us that the secret to wealth creation is asset allocation. While asset allocation may sound simple, it is extremely difficult for an investor to achieve it in their portfolio on a constant basis.

That’s where Multi Asset Allocation Fund comes into play. This fund category is a type of open-ended hybrid scheme that invests in at least three asset classes.

By investing in this category, one can escape the trouble of investing in each asset class separately and ensure that their investments are diversified across various asset classes.

The three most popular asset cases in this scheme include: Equity, Debt and Gold. Each asset class plays a role in balancing the investor portfolio. For example, equity helps in potential wealth creation; gold may help in economic uncertainties by acting as a hedge against inflation; whereas debt aims to offer stability to the investment portfolio.

Overall, this scheme – by investing in various asset classes – seeks to offer its investors considerable returns, while limiting the risk of losing money even when the markets are volatile. This is the “advantage of 3-in-1 Fund”. 

Through its latest investor education initiative campaign, that’s exactly what ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund want to communicate to the masses. The economy tends to be volatile a lot of times, so taking the risk of investing in a single asset class might not be a great decision. Multi-Asset Allocation Funds aims people to help sail through all the ups and downs of the economy by letting the fund manager allocate and relocate the funds across various asset classes depending on when and where the growth potential lies.

Abhijit Shah, Head- Marketing, Digital and Customer Experience, ICICI Prudential AMC, said, “The endeavour with this campaign is to create awareness about Multi Asset Allocation Funds. By saying ‘Get the advantage of 3-in-1 Fund’ - we are trying to communicate to the investor that while choosing one asset class to invest in such a volatile market is quite difficult, this fund category offers you a way invest in multiple asset classes - hence, balancing your portfolio and protecting you from market volatility.” He added, our main communication objective is telling investors at large that if you desire to build a diversified investment portfolio, then a Multi-Asset Allocation Fund can be considered. 

The campaign will reach the masses via a TVC mainly broadcasted on news and sports genres and through multiple digital and new age platforms like OTT. It will also use social media platforms extensively like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. in order to reach a wider audience. Since this is an investor education initiative, ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund aims to reach maximum people and get them to understand the “advantage of 3-in-1 fund”.

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