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HDFC Life attempts to change the people’s mindset regarding insurance with #SkipNahiInsureKaro campaign

The film addresses the core problem by compelling individuals to take a moment and think about buying life insurance online instead of ‘skipping’ it

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HDFC Life has launched the third campaign #SkipNahiInsureKaro in its Buy Online series. This time around the emphasis is on the lack of urgency when it comes to securing oneself financially and the need to change this attitude. 

Life insurance is a product that not only enables individuals to secure themselves financially but also enables them to plan for their future in a systematic and disciplined manner. However, just the way individuals skip ads these days, they often tend to ‘skip’ securing themselves financially.

Deriving from the same, these films encapsulate the various challenges faced by consumers. They address the core problems by compelling individuals to take a moment and think about buying life insurance online instead of ‘skipping’ it.

Additionally, the films also highlight the USPs of HDFC Life products – Click 2Protect Health, Sanchay Plus, Sanchay Par Advantage and Sanchay Fixed Maturity Plan – which are easy to purchase and offer superior benefits.

The films feature actor Manjot Singh who has played the protagonist from the first campaign. He is seen in everyday situations with other characters who tend to skip the important action of buying life insurance online. This is because they either lack awareness, end up prioritising other things, or are simply confused. Through the films the protagonist conveys the message to avoid procrastinating when it comes to life insurance.

Vishal Subharwal – Chief Marketing Officer, Head Ecommerce and Digital Business, HDFC Life, said, “Life insurance is a must-have product for all individuals with responsibilities. It is human nature to procrastinate which leads to consequences, especially when it comes to financial security one cannot take chances and leave things for later. The ‘Buy Online’ series is our endeavour to create awareness on the ease of online purchase of life insurance, the benefits of the product category and also the strong need to purchase immediately. We hope to reach out to a large number of consumers through this thereby enabling them to secure themselves financially.”

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