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Zest DOOH raises $ 2 million for its 'Solar OOH' project

The company has announced itself as a Green DOOH company that focuses on the lifeline of Mumbai, the Indian Railways

Zest Outdoor, an OOH company, has announced itself as a Green DOOH company that focuses on the lifeline of Mumbai, the Indian Railways.

The solar project announced by the company includes the installation of 12,000 square feet solar panels to be set across a 11,675 sq ft advertising space. These solar panels are open to all the brands to advertise and promote themselves on such a big scale.

As per the company, the finance mandated for the two-phase extensive DOOH solar project was $ 2 million, which Zest Outdoor raised on their own with the help of a few partners.

Once this cause-driven mission honours a triumph and initiates to make a difference to how the city could start saving electricity for the future, Plan B would be to get investors on board.

The large amount of renewable energy produced by these solar panels will be used by Indian Railways to limit carbon emissions to an extreme level.

As per Zest Outdoor, it is the first ad agency to develop this concept of uniting OOH, DOOH, and Solar.

"The plan is divided into two phases wherein Phase 1 announces the installation of 17 hoardings of $1 million at the prime locations in Western Mumbai, including Cuff parade, Mahalaxmi, Bandra, Andheri rob, JVLR rob, and Oshiwara. Phase 2 of the plan targets central Mumbai, with the other 17 hoardings set until April 2022," said Mustafa Akolawala, Founder, Zest Outdoor Media and the concept creator of Solar OOH.

"Sustainable Development is the term that is often spoken about but very little is done. Climate consciousness is not just a statement for us but our genuine vision for the country. The Financial Budget presented in 2022 gave a lot of impetus to Green Energy. However, Mumbai and its lifeline, the Railways, remain our core audience. We intend to spread across other Metro cities too. We are also talking with various central and state ministries," Rajneesh Bahl, Business Head, Zest Outdoor, said.


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